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The smart gifting and savings app for parents.

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More about Littlefund

Saving the Littlefund way is an effortless and enjoyable experience for families. We automate savings into customized goals for the child. Then to add more savings, each Littlefund uses a simple link or username to receive gift contributions into goals. Littlefund savings are FDIC Insured.

Text To Ticket

Ticket Reporting App

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More about Text To Ticket

Text To Ticket is an app where you can help save lives, reduce injuries, help a good cause and, best of all, make some money! With the Text To Ticket app, you simply submit footage of people using their phone while driving through our app. Once the video is reviewed and approved, we'll send you a notification through the Text To Ticket app to receive your payment. So what are you waiting for? Join the cause and download our app today!


On-Demand Online Printing for Africans

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More about Printivo.com

Nigeria's Number Online Web-2-Print store.


Optimizing government purchasing

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More about Govlist

Govlist expedites and optimizes government purchasing through document automation and analytics.


Predictive maintenance for vehicles

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More about Preteckt

Preteckt provides a hardware and software solution that uses machine learning to predict vehicle breakdowns before they cost you money. Our hardware is currently deployed on heavy-duty vehicles that are part of SMB fleets. When an 18-wheeler breaks down on the side of the road, a preventable loss of $5000 will be created stemming from tow fees, lost profits, and labor markups. This happens over 20,000 times per day in the USA alone. Preteckt has developed a hardware and software solution that predicts these breakdowns weeks in advance. Our hardware is installed in over 100 trucks in six US-based fleets, and we take data every second from the thousands of sensors that are standard on every heavy duty truck. A breakdown of any truck on our network trains the rest of the trucks on our fleet, with predictive accuracy that increases as our network grows. Through B2B sales and OEM partnerships, Preteckt is bringing the world of machine
learning to the trucking industry.

Obie (Tasytt)

Helping teams access their knowledge quicker

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More about Obie (Tasytt)

We have developed Obie—the first continuous learning bot built for Slack. Obie helps teams share and access knowledge without leaving the workspaces they spend their time in. Users can interact with Obie as if they are having a conversation—an interaction most are extremely familiar with. Obie interacts with users in two different ways: pushing or pulling information. Users can 'pull' information by asking questions like “What are my employee benefits” or “Where do I find the sales playbook?”. Conversely, Obie can 'push' or deliver what we call Flows. Flows allow you to spoon-feed knowledge rather than firehose—breaking down tasks and content in manageable, bite-sized chunks.


Retargeting on Autopilot

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More about Shoelace

Shoelace is an intelligent assistant that helps e-commerce merchants launch retargeting campaigns. Installing tracking pixels, segmenting visitors and setting up new campaigns is a huge pain for these businesses. Our software automates the human work and recommends smart campaigns + optimizations via SMS. It's like having a personal retargeting account manager.

Here is an example of a Shoelace experience:

Shoelace: "Hi David! We’ve noticed your traffic has increased over 25% in the past week! Let's bump your daily budget up to $10/day to make sure we reach all of your new visitors. Reply YES and we'll get it done."

David: “YES”

Shoelace: “Done!”

This is just one example of the many conversations our users have with Shoelace.

Halo Home

The collision of fashion, decor and smart home technology

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More about Halo Home

Operating at the intersection of home decor and technology, we're building the first luxury smart home brand.

Our proprietary technology delivers the first untethered TrueHD camera with long battery life. And no wires means you’re free to put it anywhere; display Halo on a bookshelf or recess it in the ceiling for a seamless look.

HALO blends in beautifully with your home.

At HALO Home we are designing for a broader audience which demands a higher standard.


1-on-1 tool for teams

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More about Clanbeat

Clanbeat is an ongoing feedback tool for monthly performance reviews, targeted at managers who care. We help managers to become leaders and employees to discover their full potential through 1-on-1 meeting culture. Among active clients are Transferwise, Volvo, Ericsson, Telia etc.

Clanbeat helps companies to improve transparency and deal with problems right when they surface by gathering everyone’s daily highs and lows into social team feed. The daily posts end up as input in personal 1-on-1s. This way nothing is forgotten and people can get a better overview of what makes them happy and what gets them down. Clanbeat provides a flow for successfully going through 1-on-1s and setting up actionable goals. We believe that personal face-to-face meetings are the key to faster development and better results.

Mycroft AI

Artificial Intelligence for Everyone (Echo, Siri)

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More about Mycroft AI

Mycroft provides a voice platform that makes it easy for enterprises to deploy voice in their products and because it is open, companies can customize, extend and white label the technology.

Mycroft's software makes it easy for manufacturers to include a natural language interface in mobile devices, desktops, wearables, even automobiles. Developers around the globe are downloading and installing Mycroft to voice enable their products.

The company is generating revenue through recurring subscriptions and device sales. The company recently accepted a strategic investment from Jaguar Land Rover and is working closely with the company to pursue its first enterprise agreement.


Accounts receivables software with AI for automated communications and cash prediction.

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More about YayPay

YayPay makes accounts receivables management software using AI and machine learning to automate personalized interactions with customers, process payments and predict cash. YayPay dramatically improves the customer payment experience, connects finance and sales workflow, saves collection costs and accelerates cash flow. We are on mission to make your finance teams into revenue heroes.

We help AR Managers and accounting staff better manage accounts receivables and collect more money faster. We enable collaboration between finance and sales departments. We help CFOs and Controllers better forecast cash and manage working capital performance.

YayPay is a better way to manage AR and boost working capital performance.


Frictionless & Affordable Insane Security (malware-proof)

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More about Skeyecode




Thanks to our breakthrough patented technology robust against new cyber threats! Runs on any devices and browsers


EquitySim is using simulation technology to fundamentally change the recruiting industry

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More about EquitySim

EquitySim's simulation measures 100,000's of data points on each candidate, to help firms understand hard skills and high level skills of their job applicants.


Crowdsourced investigation

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More about AllVirtuous


Stream real-time translation into your business meeting or live event

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More about Cadence

Cadence is an API that brings U.N.-style translation to the business world. We're able to stream real-time translation into conference calls and live events. We use a network of the world's best translators together with world-class conference call and streaming technology. Our users are able to experience:

- faster, more productive meetings (for enterprise clients)
- access to a larger audience (for livestream clients)


Agentless database performance monitoring SaaS.

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More about Nazar

Agentless database performance monitoring SaaS which is used for empowering IT teams to easily identify the root causes of their performance issues and keep their applications running fast.

Our goal is simple: make it easy for businesses to identify and solve performance issues in their databases without the need of highly skilled professionals and long-term investigations. In some cases, customers achieved up to 90% in infrastructure cost savings.

Manguez.al, proudly coded at Recife - PE, Brazil.


Credit cards for pre-prime customers

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More about CreditStacks

Remember what it felt like to apply for your first credit card? Remember being treated like your bank was doing you a favor?

CreditStacks issues credit cards based on who you are, where you’re headed, and what your potential is. We issue prime credits cards with prime rewards, prime service and no hidden fees. New-to-credit? Lack a Social Security # or U.S. ID?

Everything we do is based on a singular focus on turning the entire process upside down. Using big data, proprietary risk algorithms and machine learning, CreditStacks says "yes" without requiring that applicants have a U.S. credit history. Putting the customer back in charge.

CreditStacks. Because You Deserve Credit.

Raxar Technology

Connecting the World's Infrastructure

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More about Raxar Technology

Raxar is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that is disrupting the $212 billion infrastructure management markets through the use of Big Data, IoT, Cloud, and Mobile Technologies.

Raxar provides a proven intelligent data management platform that enables enterprise and government agencies to reduce costs, track critical assets, and optimize complex workflows. Clients are able to collect, manage and deliver detailed information associated with their assets in real time while utilizing a highly configurable solution.

Raxar was founded in Tampa, Florida in response to the growing need for smarter mobile solutions around industrial applications. Raxar's overall mission is to provide the next generation of tools to improve the condition, safety, and accessibility of the world's infrastructure.


Social Games For Social Good (500 Startups Batch #20)

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More about Win-Win

WIN-WIN is the only sports gaming platform where you win priceless experiences with your favorite pro athletes, while contributing to charitable causes.
Simply choose a game tournament hosted by a pro athlete - we offer a variety of game formats including Pick 'Em, Over/Under/On, March Madness Bracket challenge and more. You'll pay an entry fee to join, but that fee is donated to a foundation or charity chosen by the host athlete. From there, you're now competing for epic experiences like having a VIP game day experience with sideline passes, suite seats, and meeting the team after! Other prizes could include autographed apparel, free products and services, or even a new car! Compete. Contribute. Win! #WinWin


BenRevo creates sales automation software for the insurance industry.

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More about BenRevo

We realized that while individuals and small employers had online platforms to purchase insurance, midsize to large employers and the brokers that served them still found themselves using paper. To solve for this massive market need BenRevo has created sales automation software designed specifically for insurance companies. We help insurance companies tied down by legacy systems provide their employers and brokers with a paperless buying experience.


The SaaS Platform that helps professionals build healthy habits

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More about Optimity

Optimity makes gamified wellness solutions that use a data-driven approach to prevent employees from becoming sick. The target client is the busy HR manager who is strategic at a firm with a strong employee-centric culture.

Through mobile apps & a web-portal, we coach employees to build healthy habits with micro-actions during their daily routines. We focus on the chronic disease conditions & injuries that will benefit from proactive prevention practices: Depression, Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease, Dementia, Cancer, COPD, Kidney Disease & Workplace Injuries. Our proprietary algorithm uses novel combinations of attributes (work context, wearable/tracker activity data, life habits, etc.) to identify at-risk groups without using biometrics. This allows businesses to get strategic about employee wellness without privacy concerns.

Our admin portal allows non-technical HR managers to easily build and manage their customized versions of Optimity apps, and get reports on progress.


Monitoring and tracking platform that optimizes your wellness and supplement routine.

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More about Biomarker.io

Biomarker helps supplement distributors quantitatively prove product efficacy by using their customers' existing digital health data.

Using consumer-generated physiological and behavioral metrics collected through existing integrated sources such as wearable devices, fitness & social apps, and genetic/lab services, Biomarker is able to extrapolate the mechanistic relationship that dietary changes have on a user's health. Biomarker helps ensure that supplement companies accurately communicate how specific initiatives have impacted customer wellness, performance, and overall experience, against organizational goals.


One Stop Platform powering the medical tourism industry

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More about TopDocs

TopDocs is a Saas Platform powering the medical tourism industry by connecting patients, agents, hospitals and doctors in a secure portal making the booking process safe and seamless.

VIA Global Health

Reinventing the Global Healthcare Supply Chain

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More about VIA Global Health

Demand for affordable, innovative, high-impact health technologies is growing among the 6 billion people in the developing world. VIA Global Health is a global platform for the distribution of medical technologies, making it faster, easier and more affordable for healthcare providers in emerging markets to access the tools they need. Our mission is to provide universal access to the tools that enable quality healthcare.

Medical device distribution outside the US is fragmented and challenging. And though medical equipment sales in Africa and India are over a $23 billion opportunity, and are growing 2-3X faster than the US market, no organization existed to connect global suppliers with local markets around the globe.

The VIA platform addresses this gap, by bringing efficiency to these fragmented markets - through product awareness, streamlined logistics, and facilitated cross-border transactions - linking buyers and sellers around the world.

Orderly Health

Digital healthcare concierge

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More about Orderly Health

Orderly Health is an automated, 24/7 concierge for healthcare powered by AI. We help employers and insurers save time and money on healthcare by enabling employees or members understand their benefits, find lowest cost providers, and get the most out of their care.

The Orderly solution compiles multiple sources of healthcare data and services and allows our users to ask for what they need using natural language. By doing this, we have created an intelligent chat platform that serves as your own personal health care concierge. Users are able to ask questions like “What is the price of amoxicillin?” or “What is the closest dentist covered by my insurance?” via a text message, over the web, or on Slack. Responses are generated immediately and offer options that are lowest cost, highest quality, or provide the greatest convenience and the best user experience available to the individual, specifically tailored for plan, coverage, or demographics.

Try it out now at demo.orderlyhealth.com.


In-Home Healthcare Access Network (500 Startups Batch 20)

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More about TrueCare24

TrueCare24 is a health access network. We help older adults with chronic health conditions obtain access to home care services. Through our innovative mobile and online platforms, we eliminate inefficiencies in home care delivery, which is a $100B market.


Interactive Self-Help Therapy

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More about WellTrack

WellTrack is a cloud based Healthcare IT company specializing in producing engaging market driven products designed to to provide effective online therapy.

WellTrack is used to provide online self-help therapy to assist individuals who are dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. With an integration of cloud-based software and our smartphone app MoodCheck, we are able to gather data that allows us to determine how moods are related to activities, locations, and company.


Cyber Insurance Technologies.

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More about Cybewrite

Cybewrite was founded to provide the insurance industry with a cyber security predictive analytics platform designed for insurance underwriting. The solution enables data-driven automated underwriting process for cyber insurance policies.

We realize that cyber underwriting is a complicated process which requires deep multidisciplinary understanding and skills, therefore developing and establishing the de-facto standard for cyber underwriting technologies.

Our platform is designed to bridge the gap between the unique, comprehensive underwriter needs and the dynamically and rapidly evolving cyber security world.

Cybewrite is backed by 500startups. We are a Citi Bank accelerator graduate and a Plug and Play Tech Center accelerator participant.


Live and On-Demand Fitness Boxing Classes with Connected Motion Sensors

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More about Hykso

Hykso is bringing Group Boxing Classes in your living room through live and on-demand classes and a pair of connected motion sensors that recognize the type of punches you throw and measures the speed at which you throw them. Our users start by learning all the basic punches, and learn more complex combinations as they get better. Our machine learning algorithms also recognize other movements such Jumping Squats, Burpees, Russian Twists, Push-Ups, Lunges, and other typical HIIT movements so our trainers can get creative and mix it up. During each class, users try to maximize their Hykso Score to write their name on our regional and global leaderboards.

This technology was first developed for the Canadian Olympic Team, and today we have more than 100 elite athletes who are using it in their day-to-day training including the following list:

USA Olympic Team, Chinese Olympic Team, Cris Cyborg, Daniel Cormier, Dan Hardy, John Wayne Parr, Erickson Lubin, Omar Figueroa, Frankie Edgar, ...


Machine Learning Analytics for City Planning

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More about UrbanLogiq

UrbanLogiq unlocks the value of data trapped in government silos to make urban planning faster, cheaper and more efficient.

We aggregate data sets from across government departments, add external information sources and apply machine learning analytics to automate workflows and provide actionable urban planning intelligence.

Our Traffic Intelligence Module allows cities to:
- Providing a unified view of sensor data
- Monitors and projects congestion and their related causes
- Identifies optimal investment priorities and timing
- Improves the efficiency of engineering and maintenance operations

Our Economic Intelligence Module allows cities to:
- Visualize registered businesses geographically and search by industry type
- Run analytics and trend analysis of how industries and neighborhoods are behaving at a granular level
- Overlay population demographics showing density
- Track internet behaviour such as social media sentiment analysis to indicate changing economic moods



Chat bot for the U.S. immigration that is 100x faster than any attorney

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More about Visabot

Visabot, visabot.co, is a chatbot that helps foreigners travel, work, or immigrate to the U.S. easier.

It is 100 times faster and 10 times more cost-efficient than any immigration attorney.


Income insurance within minutes

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More about Regard

Regard is an online financial safety net for the 35+ million middle-income Gens X & Y individuals with limited access to income insurance.

Zyudly Labs

Data-driven disruption of cybersecurity, fraud, and risk

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More about Zyudly Labs

We have an analytics platform built on Big Data to rapidly mine event data and log data and build large-scale graphs. This allows us to rapdily learn from Graphs and use that to predict cybersecurity attacks and provide real-time threat intelligence. Talk to us about a demo.


Natural Language Interface for Databases

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More about FriendlyData

FriendlyData is the API-based SaaS solution that helps businesses make data accessible for non-technical people by providing natural language interface for databases.
After launching in March, 2017:
- 1st Enterprise customer
- More than 1350 upvotes on Product Hunt
- More than 50 qualified leads in the pipeline


game-changing referral recruiting technology

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More about Boon

Boon is a game-changing internal referral technology that helps companies hire the best talent in their organization's networks. Powerful matching algorithms do the heavy lifting of identifying candidates and engaging the right employees, custom rewards and gamification inspire action, and deep integrations and stats dashboards provide clarity and integrity to a referral program - rendering referral recruiting the most cost-effective recruiting strategy for any company.


Internal Glassdoor for Executives to better engage and retain their employees.

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More about Hyphen

Hyphen (http://www.hyphenapp.io) is an "internal Glassdoor" that changes how companies listen to and engage with their employees. Hyphen allows companies to identify and solve issues before it is too late, thus increasing employee engagement, productivity, retention, and boosting company culture.

With Hyphen, companies provide a voice to every employee (on their mobile phones), empowering them to ask questions, leave comments and feedback, crowd-source any topic at any time, without fear of judgement. Hyphen analyzes this new goldmine of data and provides Management and HR with a "true heartbeat of their organization" including prioritized and actionable insights on hot topics, and driving better-informed decisions.


Bots for the stock market

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More about Alta5

We provide the platform, data and tools to build bots for the stock market.

Court Buddy

Top 3 Legal Tech Company in America | 500 Startups Batch 20

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More about Court Buddy

Winner of the 2017 American Bar Association’s Legal Access Award and named the “Priceline
For Legal Services” by the Huffington Post, Court Buddy is a legal tech platform that instantly
matches people with vetted solo attorneys based on the client’s budget.

Once matched, clients can instant message, video chat or call their attorney matches using the
‘CourtBuddy Chat’ app, and instantly make secured payments to attorneys for the legal services through ‘CB Direct Pay’.


Best way for universities to fundraise from alumni

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More about Funderful

Funderful is fundraising software for universities ($40bn industry) replacing the annoying cold calls or guilt trips. Our customers get higher alumni donation rates than Stanford.
- Customers include UC Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, London Business School
- +65% QoQ increase in ARR
- it is a $40bn industry desperately in need of a digital solution


Email & Website Tracking for Sales People

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More about Rocketbolt

On average, only 6% of recipients respond to outbound prospecting emails. However, an additional 13% of recipients visit the website of the company emailing them to learn more. These people are often signaling their interest in purchasing and, when properly identified, have a high probability of being converted into customers.

RocketBolt's email & website tracking helps sales teams recognize these opportunities and expertly time their followups in order to efficiently capture lost revenue from valuable lead lists.

Digital Mortar

Scalable, accurate, full path customer analytics for physical retail.

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More about Digital Mortar

Digital Mortal enables full path customer journey analytics to power the reinvention of physical retail. The founders, Gary Angel and Jesse Gross, built and sold the leading digital analytics consultancy in the US to a Big 4 firm. Digital Mortar packages the measurement, reporting, analytics and experimentation methods they developed for improving digital into a SaaS product driving optimization of store layout, display, promotions and staffing.


Live and On-Demand Fitness Boxing Classes with Connected Motion Sensors

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More about Hykso

Hykso is bringing Group Boxing Classes in your living room through live and on-demand classes and a pair of connected motion sensors that recognize the type of punches you throw and measures the speed at which you throw them. Our users start by learning all the basic punches, and learn more complex combinations as they get better. Our machine learning algorithms also recognize other movements such Jumping Squats, Burpees, Russian Twists, Push-Ups, Lunges, and other typical HIIT movements so our trainers can get creative and mix it up. During each class, users try to maximize their Hykso Score to write their name on our regional and global leaderboards.

This technology was first developed for the Canadian Olympic Team, and today we have more than 100 elite athletes who are using it in their day-to-day training including the following list:

USA Olympic Team, Chinese Olympic Team, Cris Cyborg, Daniel Cormier, Dan Hardy, John Wayne Parr, Erickson Lubin, Omar Figueroa, Frankie Edgar, ...


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