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#1 Home Care Network in Singapore and Hong Kong

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More about Agentbong

Agentbong is a home care network for homeowners and helpers in Singapore and Hong Kong. Through our mobile platform, we offer a wide range of home services to clients from house cleaning to cooking, babysitting, doula, and elderly care.

Our customers are typically dual-income families who have little time to care for their kids and parents in the daytime, or DINKY couples and parents with grown up children who needs help with their daily chores. In this day and age of shrinking living spaces, our customers no longer have to hire live-in maids to help them out. This allows us city folks a greater level of privacy and space for our family.

The mission of Agentbong is to provide customers through technology with home services easier and better than before; to create a better quality of life for the family from babies, toddlers, working adults, to the elderly.


Design a conversational experience

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More about BotSociety

Botsociety is the fastest way to design a conversational experience. Started as a side project in August 2016, it became our only focus in Feb '17. We are growing 25% M/M. We are focused on building the product. We have some market validation revenue


Digital Asset Index Fund

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More about Cryptomover

We are a digital asset management firm. Our Cryptomover 3 and Cryptomover 10 family of index funds allow everyday investors an accessible way to invest in cryptocurrencies.


Listen to curated articles from premium publications like The Guardian, The FT and more

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More about curio.io

People want to be informed and entertained on the go, as they increasingly spend varying amounts of time where access to screens is hard – driving, commuting, at the gym.

CURIO solves this by partnering with top magazines and newspapers, curating the best/most shared written content and offering through a freemium model, exceptional audio produced using our network of professional voice actors, to suit any mood, interest or time constraint.

Our approach overcomes limitations of podcasts, radio and audiobooks by allowing us to offer a variety of consistently high quality audio that we already know is popular (using social data), cost-effectively and at scale.
Our ambition is to make CURIO the go-to destination for spoken-word audio.

Initial target market consists of professionals commuting in top cities in the UK/US. Currently The Guardian, Aeon, Nautilus and The Point are partners. We are in discussions with The FT and already have a network of 10 professional voice actors.


Money saving platform for consumers

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More about Cushion

We're putting money back in consumers' pockets using AI.

Sign up at https://cushion.ai to stay in the loop about what we're up to!


Elyse28 is an AI powered health coaching platform for chronic disease prevention.

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More about Elyse28

Elyse28 provides expert, personalized, on-demand health coaching and programs from a network of experienced health care providers and leading medical institutions.

Elyse28 combines a consumer mobile app and an enterprise care platform to offer on demand 24/7 solutions for any chronic condition. 133 million people in the U.S. live with a chronic condition, 80% of the $3T healthcare spend in the U.S. goes to preventable chronic conditions.

We use high quality data sets to identify the relationship between diet, nutrient deficiency, physical activity, mental health patterns and nutrition-related chronic diseases.

We believe the future of health care lies in prevention, not correction.

Elyse28 is a Y Combinator Startup School graduate, named as one of the Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies Disrupting The Wellness Industry and a Pioneers 500 most promising early-stage tech startup.


Online subscription service that helps Brazilians get therapy.

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More about FalaFreud

FalaFreud is an online subscription service that helps Brazilians get therapy from certified therapists over audio, text and video on their mobile device.

Users pay $115 dollars a month to have unlimited access to their therapist whenever they need.


Next-Generation Freight Marketplace

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More about FreightRoll

We make truckload shipping easy and predictable through our freight marketplace.

Fyodor Biotechnologies

Biotech firm specializing in diagnostics for Tropical Diseases

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More about Fyodor Biotechnologies

Building a pipeline of proprietary processes for at home urine testing of tropical diseases endemic in emerging markets.

More about Jones


Product launch platform for SMB ecommerce businesses expanding globally

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More about JudoLaunch

Judolaunch allows brands to execute product launch campaigns in new markets. Global domination in the consumer goods sector is no longer the exclusive domain of billion dollar conglomerates. Now, with the click of a button, small and mid-sized ecommerce brands can get fast traction in new markets.
Using Judolaunch, brands are now going from no traction whatsoever to consistent organic daily sales inside 2 weeks.


Turning Worker Voices Into Supply Chain Intelligence

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More about LaborVoices

LaborVoices provides insights into the actual working conditions in otherwise opaque supply chains. These insights come directly from workers via their mobile phones. The LaborVoices Symphony™ platform is bringing these insights to market, profitably, with customers including global brands, corporate foundations and US and international aid agencies seeking workplace transparency.


Smart Mailbox for Suburbia

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More about MailHaven

Over 100 years ago, a USPS employee invented the mailbox because there was no safe place to deliver letters. Today, letters are now packages and there's no safe place for their delivery.

MailHaven is a smart, curbside mailbox that secures packages for absent homeowners. MailHaven owners never have to sign for packages or worry about theft. Couriers never have to redeliver packages to that address & experience faster route times. E-tailers experience a lower number of fraudulent claims & gain more visibility into their customer's shopping habits.

MailHaven is building an app to help power shoppers manage & track their deliveries across all couriers within one aesthetically pleasing UI. This app assigns users an email address to use for shopping. Users will not have to give e-tailers their personal email address when shopping only to continually receive spam from them, This app will be able to give us insights on user shopping habits and further help the final design of the hardware.

Mobile Forms

The most reliable way to gather data in Africa

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More about Mobile Forms

Mobile Forms is a Universal Cloud based Mobile Data Collection Platform. We leverage the power of Field Agent Crowd sourcing and Mobile Technology to provide real time business information to Businesses, NGOs and Government.

Affordable Mobile devices have changed the way data is collected in the field and transmitted into back-office systems. With mobile forms technology, data becomes faster and easier to collect, transmit, access and store, meaning businesses are better positioned to gather reliable data on time, take action and achieve success.

The rise of affordable smart phones in Africa have changed the way we gather data. We train and onboard individuals with smart phones across Africa as Field Agents. Field Agents gather data and insights on behalf of our clients from consumers and places of interest all across the country.


Your Attention Levels. Higher.

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More about Myndlift

Myndlift is an innovative tool for enhancing concentration abilities via wearable and mobile technology

Next Play

Enterprise talent advancement & inclusion software

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More about Next Play

We are an enterprise talent development and inclusion software. We help companies connect their employees internally for mentorship purposes. In our pilots, we have doubled the confidence levels for mentees and increased NPS scores and employee engagement for companies.


Data provenance and lineage for multi-application ecosystems

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More about Ohalo

Monitoring data movement between siloed databases is hard.

Ohalo provides a data routing fabric via a network of apps connected to our clients' databases. We guarantee granular permissioning and data lineage not only at the moment of sharing but also through time.


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More about Payment24


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