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Bringing sustainable and impact investing mainstream | 500 Startups B16

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More about Ethic

Effortless sustainable investing.

We wanted an investment platform that made investing simple and effective for any level of investment experience. We wanted a way to invest in companies we respect, and to avoid companies we don’t (think oil, guns, tobacco), while protecting investment performance. Finally, we wanted a low cost option, knowing just how damaging high fees are to long term gains.

This didn’t exist. So we made it.

Welcome to Ethic. Smart, honest investing.


Upload a photo. Download a prescription.

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More about YoDerm

YoDerm is the easiest way to get prescription medications from a board certified dermatologist. We are initially targeting the 55M Americans suffering from the social and emotional impacts of acne, before expanding into anti-aging, eczema, and other areas of dermatological care.

Here is how it works:

1. Visit, choose a dermatologist, upload photos of your skin, and answer a series of questions about your condition.

2. Within 24 hours, your YoDerm Dermatologist will review your information and will create you a personalized treatment plan. Your prescriptions will be electronically delivered to your local pharmacy.

3. Every 2-4 months, you will return for a follow-up consultation. This allows your doctor to review your progress and change your medications as necessary.

Acne is a chronic condition, which requires long-term care and continued medication adjustments. This means recurring revenue for YoDerm (each consultation is $59).


A marketplace for sports sponsorship

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More about OpenSponsorship

We are a marketplace connecting brands and rights holders, i.e. athletes, agents, teams, leagues and events.

Our current focus is on the imperfect industry for athlete endorsements. We have developed tools and functionality similar to other leading influencer marketplaces allowing brands to find, contact and partner with the perfect athlete. This includes creating RFPs, tracking social media, being able to conduct cash /equity/ royalty/ product deals and using our management tools. As we cater only to athletes, the most coveted of all "influencers" we have a competitive advantage. We have developed relationships with athletes and many leading agencies to give brands unique access to this elite and largely unreachable pool of talent.

We have also developed valuable SAAS tools for large brands and agencies.


Enabling content creators to get feedback from audiences at scale

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More about Pilotly

Pilotly enables media publishers to run digital focus groups at scale with precise audience segmentation. Our research solution is composed of a multi-platform video portal / APIs, interactive engagement tools for viewers, and dynamic reporting for clients. Our platform collects data and displays it instantly to an online dashboard.

Today content creators waste nearly a billion dollars a year on videos that either never find an audience or never find proper distribution. Pilotly helps creators make better business decisions based on actual viewer data from their target audience.

Unlike current pilot tests that only offer reporting once, we are able to publish updated reports with actionable insights on-demand. Furthermore, our viewers remain within Pilotly to watch many pilots; so over time, we better understand their preferences as they increase their engagement with our platform.

We are building the big data pipeline behind media entertainment. Try it,


Helping brands sponsor eSports Influencers on Twitch

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More about Ader

Ader is the first marketplace helping brands sponsor eSports influencers on Twitch - the largest live streaming platform in the world. Our network reaches 25 million monthly viewers, who watch our influencers live stream for an average of 200+ hours/day. We help brands can sponsor eSports influencers of all sizes, from large professional teams to mid-size Twitch streamers with loyal audiences.

More than 50% of Twitch's 100 million monthly viewers use AdBlock, meaning brands cannot reach them through traditional online ads. This results in a loss of revenue for Twitch influencers who make money from ads that Twitch shows on their channel (in addition to viewer donations). We help brands leverage influencer marketing to bypass AdBlock and reach gamers at scale while helping influencers unlock a new revenue source for their Twitch channels through sponsorships.

Mars Reel

Sports Network For The Mobile Generation

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More about Mars Reel

Mars Reel is a sports network for the mobile generation.


Mobile bottle service booking and concierge experiences

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More about BottlesTonight

BottlesTonight is a mobile marketplace for booking bottle service and concierge experiences in the $35 billion nightclub event space. Available on iOS and Android.

BottlesTonight instantly connects millennial consumers to nightclubs and events, while enabling nightclubs to take prepayment, saving management time and money.

In 2015 we had $287,056 in sales. This year our GMV has already hit over $400,000 and we are on track to $1,000,000 in sales by end of this year. We take 10-25% commission per transaction. 200 nightclubs use BottlesTonight to fill their tables. Users engage with BottlesTonight each weekend, every month and spend $1200 per transaction. We are an experienced 8 person team. 4 product/engineers, 3 sales people, 1 founder.

Nightclubs need us. The average club had 60% unsold table inventory due to the back and forth offline nature of current transactions. Consumers love us because we make it easier to access these unique experiences with friends.


The best concerts. The lowest prices.

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More about Ticktate

Ticktate's mobile app is a fan's dream and the future of event ticketing. Fans can discover local concerts and purchase discounted tickets on their phone in under 30 seconds. In doing so, we help promoters and venues sell their unsold inventory and increase their revenue - similar to HotelTonight for the concert industry.


Automated saving through behavioral design

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More about Rize

Rize is developing an online savings platform that uses behavioral design to help Millennials chart a path to the future they crave. We help them see what they can achieve and give them the means and confidence to get there. While the average Millennial spends 2% more than they earn, our customers save an average of 10% of their income.

Money management is hard, and Millennials in particular feel boxed in. There’s no easy way to understand if you’re doing the right things to get to the future you want. All the noise in the financial world is completely overwhelming and it’s hard to know how to even get started.

Against that backdrop, Rize:

• Helps you envision the future you want through goals

• Shows you how you are doing vs your peers so you can figure out how much to save

• Connects directly to your bank to make saving for those goals effortless

Across our team we have 20 years in finance, 20 years in technology, a Harvard degree in Psychology, and 2 previous startup exits.

easy ten

A mobile app for memorizing 10 foreign words per day.

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More about easy ten

Easy ten - a mobile application for learning foreign words.
The key markets are Russia and Brazil. At the moment the application over 2 000 000 users worldwide. For the study are available 7 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese. Easy ten users is available for both iOS and Android. On iOS there is also a version for Apple Watch.

It's a practical solution that deals with a traditionally difficult issue in a smooth way. Easy ten helps you learn foreign language by memorizing 10 new words every day. Making a small but committed effort every day to building your skills will power up your new language fast and easy.

UpCraft Club

Leading source of digital sewing patterns

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More about UpCraft Club

UpCraft Club is a marketplace for high quality digital sewing and crafting patterns. Not only do we sell digital patterns online to crafters around the world, but we are also a digital distributor to brick and mortar fabric shops, giving them a new revenue channel.


Create a backend for your app in 10 minutes

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More about RapidAPI

RapidAPI let's developers create a fully functional backend for their app. We have turned every function from sending a text message to storing a file is a block, and all developers need to do is to drag-n-drop.

RapidAPI lives in the cloud, so any backend created with RapidAPI is automatically hosted online. That way, our users don’t have to worry about deploying and maintaining their apps - a process known to be time consuming, where mistakes cause long downtimes. Also, because we use state of the art servers in multiple datacenters around the world, users enjoy best in class performance out if the box.

RapidAPI is also very easy to integrate in the app / website. Since RapidAPI uses a REST api for communications, users don’t have to install any special libraries, and can use RapidAPI with any platform. Moreover, RapidAPI automatically generates code snippets to be copy and pasted into the front-end.

Angel Sensor

Open source wearable device for mobile health, backed by 500 Startups

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More about Angel Sensor

Angel Sensor is the only open wearable for continuous health tracking. It enables our B2B customers skip hardware development and focus on their unique analytics and services.

Angel Sensor tracks heart rate, blood oxygen, skin temperature, steps, sleep quality, calories, acceleration, and orientation. It offers unrestricted, real-time API to its sensors and full control of the data. Angel ships with open source SDK. Thousands of developers have already joined us in order to re-invent daily health and wellness.

Angel Sensor provides the fast growing mobile health community the ultimate tool for measurement and analysis of physiological data in real time. It is a critical data source for a range of health disciplines: elder care, insurance, fertility tracking, stress management, employee wellness, and many more.

Scientifically designed customer survey that uncovers what's behind customers' decisions

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More about

Worthix is a scientifically designed eight questions customer survey methodology capable of pinpointing what’s behind customer motivations and decisions making it possible for marketing executives to precisely act increasing sales and reducing churn.

We created Worthix because millions of marketers around the globe can’t explain the “why” behind customer’s decisions and its relations with companies’ results.

We don’t focus on “build-your-own questionnaire” or use templates like every other survey tool. We actually decode customer’s decisions.

Studies have shown that Worthix outperforms old school survey methodologies such as Customer Satisfaction and NPS (Net Promoter Score) to a point where UC Berkeley professors are now studying our algorithms and methodology to publish an article on it.


Mobile polling software during presentations

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More about Mentimeter

Mentimeter is developing a frictionless and beautiful mobile polling software that lets presenters do instant audience feedback to engage and energize their audience with a click of a button.

With over 100.000 professional presenters generating $450k ARR growing 16% MoM and they have engaged 4 million users to date.

Our average audience size is 18 people showing that we support the mass market of everyday presentation, of which 10 million are carried out every day in the US alone.

We have paying customers in 52 countries including Accenture, McKinsey, IBM, Microsoft and The Royal Family of Sweden.

We help professors, consultants, business leaders and event managers to create a truly engaging and fun presentation

Finova Financial

Fast affordable online loans based on the equity in your car

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More about Finova Financial

Finova Financial is a socially responsible lender that provides fast affordable loans based on the equity in your car, to the 70 million financially underserved Americans that spend $138 billion in fees and interest annually.

Finova’s Car Equity Line of Credit (C-LOC) costs 70% less than the current national average, provides instant access to capital, and a 12-month pathway back to financial health, online, mobile, anywhere, 24/7.

Finova clients benefit from the ability to complete the loan process online, instant approval decisions and same day cash funding. The Finova client portal provides personalized access to our financial dashboard allowing real time management of your financial health. Payments can be made from the convenience of any computer or mobile device and at 32,000 US retail locations. Successful payment history provides declining rates, the opportunity to establish and build credit, along with access to additional funds on demand.


Storytelling made simple for young athletes (500 Startups Batch 16)

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More about Phenom

Phenom, an angel backed start-up based in San Francisco, CA, and a 500 Startups Batch 16 company, was founded out of a desire to give young athletes a voice.

We are building the largest community of young athletes, enabling them to talk about the products that they love and share stories about their athletic achievements.

With E-Commerce changing and Big Data driving key business decisions across a number of markets, we provide a platform for brands and retailers to easily access the HS athlete segment.

Borrowing from a model that has been successful in other markets such as housing (Houzz), weddings (Loverly), and lifestyle products (Wanelo), Phenom fills the void in the amateur athlete space.

Our native iOS app has been ranked as high as #22 in the App Store Sports Category, and consistently sits in the top 100.


Creating Artificially Intelligent Teaching Assistant for Students

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More about Transtutors is an academic Q&A site with more than 1 Mn Q&A.
Students use us for tutoring while solving their assignments, dissertations, writing term papers, essay etc. Rather than looking for a tutor a student can quickly look at previously solved Q&A and then do their own Questions much faster.
In case they get stuck they can chat with a tutor online who explains them steps to solve problems.

We are currently working on machine learning aspect of Q&A bank and creating a teaching assistant who can give hints to solving academic questions to a great length.


We help life-saving products get to market faster

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More about Qualio

At Qualio we help life-saving products get to market faster. We're bringing fresh thinking to a slow moving industry that's ripe for change - and it's working. Our customers get to market up to twice as fast and achieve in 15 minutes what used to take over 2 hours.

The foundation of our platform is an all-in-one quality management solution for small and mid-sized Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations. Our technology replaces inefficient people and paperwork with software and technology that's simple and fun to use.

We're spending the first half of 2016 at 500 Startups, the world's leading growth focused accelerator program. Join our team now to share in the experience and learn from incredibly talented people from all over the world.


The first global wealth management app.

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More about iBillionaire

iBillionaire is a global asset manager. We are the only company in the world that lets people invest with one click in billionaires portfolios. Our strategies are based on the investments reported by Buffett, Icahn, Ackman and many others.
Over $60mm in asset already trust our strategies with our publicly traded ETF (NYSE: IBLN) and an Asia mutual fund.


Engage and sell through messaging apps.

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More about ManyChat

ManyChat allows businesses to create a chat bot in 5 minutes without coding.

We launched on Telegram 9 months ago. Now we power over 140 000+ bots that send 500M messages per month.

A bot is the only scalable way for businesses to reach customers on messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

With over 50M businesses using Facebook it's the biggest opportunity for marketing, engagement and sales.

Join the revolution of B2C communication.


Facial personality profiling technology

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More about Faception

Faception is a facial personality profiling company. Our breakthrough computer-vision and machine learning technology analyzes facial images and automatically reveals personalities in real-time. Our mission is to revolutionize how companies, organizations and even robots understand people to dramatically improve communications, decision-making, experiences and public safety.


Connected personal transportation

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More about Riide

We design, build, and sell connected personal transportation for urban areas. Our first product is the Riide electric bike and it’s regarded as one of the best looking, performing, and affordable ebikes on the market. It is the first and only electric bike sold on a subscription basis. For $79/month users get their own Riide bike, unlimited maintenance, and theft insurance. After 2 years they own it forever or can upgrade for free to the latest model.

Commuting is crazy expensive, stressful, and time consuming. In America alone we spend $900 billion annually on personal transportation. Riide is about much more than just building electric bikes-- we are designing personal transportation solutions and the ecosystem to support them. By focusing on the commute and owning the first 30 and last 30 minutes of a user’s day, we will have the best inroads to being the one stop solution for all transportation needs.


IoT Developer Platform

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More about tagMonkey

tagMonkey is a platform to make RFID and IoT simple to use and develop for. Users can deploy hardware, connect it to the cloud, and start to plug into applications.


Beauty Ecommerce for Women of Color

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More about Podozi

Podozi is a beauty technology startup re-inventing beauty ecommerce in Africa.

We simplify buying beauty and personal care products online for women of color in Africa by offering our customers access to video & editorial contents that helps them to identify what products to use as women of color, how to use these products; and complement that with a one-on-one access to expert advisory where all their beauty questions are answered.

Our focus is on women of color across Africa - a segment that's been largely overlooked even globally even though their spending power has been growing steadily for years. We help to curate the right beauty products for them, ensure the products they buy are original and can meet their very unique ethnic skin and hair needs.

We make buying beauty online fun, easy and safe by offering customers limitless variety, 100% authentic products sourced directly from the manufacturers and expert guide to help them make informed buying decisions.


Regulated IoT and analytics for optimization of pharma & biotech manufacturing processes

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More about Bigfinite

Bigfinite makes a SaaS platform for acquiring, visualizing, and recording regulated data from manufacturing sites. It analyzes that data in real time to detect inefficiencies and discovering the causes of those inefficiencies.

$50 billion is wasted by the Pharma industry every year due to inefficient manufacturing. The data to solve those problems exists, but is kept in silos and not easily accessed by manufacturers. 70% of the Pharma manufacturing data is never used.

Bigfinite’s platform,BigEngine, aggregates the data from those silos. It analyzes the data in realtime and provides actionable knowledge to help pharmaceutical companies to improve efficiency and quality, reduce manufacturing losses, and lower compliance risk.

BigEngine applies machine learning and advanced analytics to data gathered through IoT technologies. It requires no additional hardware installations, with drivers for all existing setups. BigFinite has patents in compliant data acquisition, storage and analysis.


Credit, the moment you need it.

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More about Float

Float is a mobile-first financial service that helps young consumers access, manage, and proactively build credit.
We offer thin-file consumers instant access to an affordable line of credit, direct from any smartphone, no FICO required.

Creating an account takes less than 180 seconds and is absolutely risk-free. Within seconds of connecting a bank account, a line of credit is offered between $50 and $1000, and is available for immediate use with any existing debit card.

We help consumers build resilience and pursue opportunities by enhancing the end-to-end financial experience. Float services the 63% of Millennials who are living without a credit card with a solution that is simple, accessible, and consumer-friendly.


Create your ondemand business in minutes.

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More about Indemand

Indemand lets anyone create an ondemand business in minutes, and we're building the world's largest ondemand ecosystem.

Indemand is a plug and play platform servicing ondemand businesses and we also help to bring new and existing businesses into the rapidly growing ondemand economy. By providing a self-serve suite of products and APIs, we allow anyone to set up their own ondemand service in a matter of minutes, without the need for any technical expertise. Businesses rely on Indemand to enable their customers to instantly discover and book an immediate service or product either on the web or mobile and allow the customer to track the arrival of their provider or delivery in real-time.

A small-business owner can grow their business, selling beyond their store and/or online. People with an idea for ‘Uber for X’ are able to get up and running in minutes, without significant upfront cost.


NFC cashless payments for events

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More about ArrowPass

ArrowPass has developed a payment solution to help venue operators and event organizers eliminate lines and grow sales. This NFC-based software system has a great advantage of being a closed-loop system that does not require any network to operate. The system also includes gate access control, that provides the fastest gate throughput and highest level of ticket fraud prevention.

It was flawlessly piloted at two separate outdoor music festivals with almost 10,000 attendees where ArrowPass was able to eliminate lines and increase sales for the organizers by 30%.


A pain-free way for companies to source product packaging/fulfillment.

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More about Arka

Arka is a pain-free way for companies to source customer product packaging and fulfillment.

Customers give us dimensions, artwork and quantities. We handle proofing and production paperwork, with a fast turn around, without the hassle that goes into the process of sourcing custom product packaging and fulfillment.

The customer is anybody with a product that needs packaging!

We create a network of the worlds BEST package manufacturers and fulfillment centers then put a wrapper around their services on behalf of the customer.

Customers don't need to "deal" with any of manufacturers or fulfillment centers anymore, we take their specs and make the process EASY.

E-Commerce is our market, at $1.5T annually, growing at an annual rate of ~20%.

If a product is shipped direct to consumer, they would need our services.

This is an incredibly large, disconnected and fragmented market of manufacturers and fulfillment centers- We consolidate them under one roof.


An intelligent, interactive exam prep.

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More about nurseVersity

An intelligent, interactive exam prep platform that refines and adapts, based on an individual’s usage. This method guarantees the successful credentialing of nursing students and professionals. The system has many features & two unique attributes :

1. The Adviser: A proprietary technology based “recommendation engine” backed by a complex algorithm. The study experience constantly assesses the probability of success for the individual, and then dynamically adapts further study material to their needs; this increases the probability of passing their exams the first time.

2. Community Content: It’s built by nurses, for nurses. We utilize a network of current and recent student to build and update our library of nursing exam based assets.


Slack and Google Analytics for construction projects.

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More about Buildcon

We are creating easy to use mobile and web application for construction companies, project managers and general contractors who are dissatisfied with errors and financial losses due to bad organization, communication and collaboration on construction projects. Buildcon minimizes errors and keeps projects within the budget and on schedule.

For engineers and managers who struggle with numerous sub-contractors, paperwork, photos, team coordination, procurements etc, Buildcon is the perfect app for everything they need in one place, without wasted time and errors. Many of its features are used for instant coordination between team members and subcontractors, precise statistics, including daily notifications for every important activity and everything needed for managing one or multiple construction sites.

Buildcon is also very powerful tool for supervision of construction projects. Investors can oblige contractors to work with Buildcon and see every aspect of project progress any time.


LinkedIn for the Skilled Trades

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More about WorkAmerica

WorkAmerica is an HR/Recruiting Tech social enterprise that connects employers in the middle-skill and blue-collar industries connect with the in-demand, trained and credentialed talent they need.

As traditional middle-skills careers become more technologically advanced, industry dynamics in recruiting and hiring have changed. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that there is a huge market opportunity in helping employers identify qualified candidates. At the same time, there is a huge social need for effectively connecting students and graduates of credentialed training programs with employers.

Through our online platform, we bring job seekers in middle-skills fields such as skilled labor, allied health and IT, into 21st century online recruiting practices. Ultimately, we empower students to access more job opportunities, leading to better job offers and that provide sustainable living wages, while connecting business to their most precious resource: talent.


The best financial advice is surprisingly simple.

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More about Albert

Albert gives simple, free financial advice and lets you act on the advice directly from the app.

We connect to all of your accounts, provide real life recommendations—like lowering the payments on your credit card, getting renter's insurance, or setting up the right retirement plan—and let you take action directly from the app. Albert is always humming along quietly in the background, making sure that you're making the best financial decisions.

Neutun Labs

Chronic Condition Tracking #500Strong Batch 16

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More about Neutun Labs

What Neutun Is

Neutun is novel tracking software for epileptics through smartwatches and wearables.
Our technology is device agnostic, non-invasive and utilizes accessible wearables. We don't diagnose epilepsy. We simply provide a seizure tracking tool for people living with epilepsy.

Why We're Building It

2002 was the worst year of our family's life.
In one year, we dealt with epilepsy, flesh eating disease and open back surgery. What pained us more than these events was the lack of day-to-day tracking and monitoring that could have prevented them.Most solutions didn't do what they had promised, were clunky or poorly designed. After spending years building software, studying data science & health informatics, we built Neutun.We hope no one or family will have to go through what we did in 2002.

What we do
1.Track- Turn it on & leave the rest to us, we got your back
2.Notify- Let those you love know in real time
3Analyze- Find the insights you aren't seeing

More about FoxType

We're helping the 1bn non native English speakers be confident and effective with their writing. The goal is to replace Microsoft Word and build an A.I. that helps you craft the perfect message every single time.

Ingu Solutions

Advanced data analytics for safer pipelines using free-flowing smart sensors.

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More about Ingu Solutions

Ingu Solutions offers a unique way to measure flow dynamics in pipelines and industrial installations while at the same time providing information on pipeline integrity. Our golf ball sized smart sensors can easily be injected, move with the flow of any given fluid or mixture and are easy to recover. The 3D sensor data is analyzed by our advanced analytics engine, integrated in the existing data set and sent directly to our client’s dashboard


The craft beer you want. Delivered when you want it.

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BREWPUBLIK is the country's first curated craft beer delivery service. We have access to thousands of craft beers and counting, and we prepare custom-made packages for our customers based on exactly what they like to drink. Our proprietary algorithm manages the selections and allows every customer to tweak and change their preferences as they get each shipment.


Hub for independent workers (500 Startups Batch 16)

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More about WorkGenius

WorkGenius is a hub for independent work; a mobile employment platform that houses worker skills, qualification and availability data and matches these with the needs of companies employing on-demand and short-hour shift workers.

For workers, WorkGenius makes it easy to find and manage multiple part-time jobs in one app, giving worker as many hours as they need. Instead of getting a job with one employer, workers can on-board once and pre-qualify for multiple companies offering work in a particular job skill.

For companies, WorkGenius lowers the cost of worker acquisition and improves worker retention.


Instant pay for independent contractors

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More about Qwil

We help independent contractors get paid as fast as possible!


Your Partner in College Savings

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More about Principly

Principly makes saving for college effortless, collaborative, and tax-advantaged.

In just a few minutes, a parent can open a 529 for their child, determine a monthly savings goal that makes sense for them, set up their own contribution, and invite family and friends to participate.

Rather than having to go it alone, Principly brings grandparents into the process, as well as other family and friends, relieving the parents' burden and providing their child with a community of moral and financial support. This translates into more savings for the parents and less debt for their kids.


growing scalable organic farm funded by urban people around the world

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More about iGrow

iGrow is a marketplace that helps under employed farmers and under-utilized land to produce high-quality organic food and sustainable incomes with cloud-based agricultural management software.

iGrow is building scalable and efficient organic farm funded by urban people around the world.

We connect farmers, landowners, and the backers to create food organic plantation, and we sell the crops directly to the customer like the highly networked supermarket.

We are in the business for 18 months, 60% season over season growth, planting in 2000 times football field size plantation. We already had 24 thousand aq acre more in the pipeline. In Indonesia alone there is 27 million square acres under utilized land with 130 billion USD food agro market size

We already profitable,
Last year we harvested 350-ton peanut that brought 24% annualized return to the backers.

It's kind of like AirBnB has built the world’s largest hotelier, we’re building the world’s largest high-quality organic farm.


Marketplace for fans to invest in eSports, poker, and skilled sports players

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More about YouStake

We allow skilled players to reach their superstar potential by providing access to capital through their fans.

The first marketplace where fans can directly sponsor their favorite players in poker and eSports while sharing the winnings.

Staking has existed has long as most games themselves. But the old marketplace is primarily underground, with less than 1% of fans having access.

At YouStake, we’ve created a simple and safe environment, where players sign up & fill out a form, we verify & publish the listing to the marketplace, and now fans can invest for as low as $20. YouStake will take care of contracts, tracking & analytics, transactions, and payouts.

This is a person to person sponsorship agreement - the marketplace creates access between fans and players, and takes care of all the administrative work.


High tech payment platform for merchant banks.

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More about Romit

Romit is a bank agnostic wallet and payment gateway platform for the $7T merchant acquiring banking industry.

- Since our product launch in December 2015, Romit has processed over 280,000 transactions and has over $3.5B worth of volume in our pipeline.
- Romit's chargeback solution has taken merchants with an average of 1.2% chargebacks / month to .0079%.
- Partnerships with some of the largest merchant banks, gateways and processors.


Automated advertising to SMBs through local media (Y Combinator W10)

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More about OwnLocal

OwnLocal is a fast-scaling, profitable, and cash-flow positive company with extremely low churn and tracking to do $7.5MM in ARR this year.

OwnLocal automates online advertising for more than 53,000+ SMBs through our 2,000+ newspaper partners in the North America, Europe, and Australia.

OwnLocal takes print ads & automatically converts them into SEO web ads, websites, Google SEM, social banner ads, & social-media marketing for SMBs.

Conversion & sales are done automatically--instantly producing more revenue for our publishers.

OwnLocal succeeds where others have failed because community newspapers are still trusted local brands in the small-business world.

Finally, we're not like traditional ad tech, reselling other platforms with low margins, our average margins are 82% as we are reselling our owned and operated inventory.

Full deck:

Full video:


Quantcast for Apps. Accurate market intelligence on the global app ecosystem.

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More about Apptopia

Apptopia provides services in: app analytics, data mining and business intelligence for the mobile industry. Through its main platform called Insights, it uses Big data technologies to collect, measure, analyze and provide user engagement statistics for mobile apps.

The company was launched in 2012 and by May of 2014 has already reached $5m in annual run rate.

Our mission to provide transparency through data, we work with: developers, app publishers, agencies, content platforms, media companies, brands, cellular networks, investors and financial firms.

Apptopia’s product suite consists of three main products: Insights, Marketplace and Analytics.

Insights: Accurate download, revenue and usage estimates for any/all apps in over 150 countries.

Analytics: allows publishers and developers to track, benchmark, and optimize the performance of their apps.

Marketplace: Where apps get acquired, developers have already earned multiple millions of dollars selling their apps on Apptopia.

Book. Stay. Go.

Saas-enabled hotel marketplace

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More about Book. Stay. Go.

Book. Stay. Go. is a Saas-based hotel marketplace, featuring mobile room keys with IoT hardware for hotels, in a complete mobile user experience for travelers.

For hotels, Book. Stay. Go. provides a complete mobile solution with a native app combined with iBeacon door hardware technology to enable travelers to control their stay from their mobile device.

Book. Stay. Go. is an intuitive native app to control a hotel stay, including booking as well as check-in & room selection prior to arrival. Then, upon arrival travelers can proceed directly to their room and use their smartphone as a room key. On day of departure, confirm charges & check out with receipt retrieval and expense reporting features. Book. Stay. Go. places the guest in control of each interaction to create a seamless hotel experience.


The #1 P2P College Learning Marketplace (500 Startups- Batch 10)

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Current academic supplementary services are disjointed, and have failed to transition smoothly to an online environment (eg. Kaplan $2Bn+ revenue).

When you Google Search an academic question you get spammy responses with low credibility like Yahoo Answers.

Students need a trusted resource they can turn to online to get the Academic Help.

StudySoup helps struggling students get the content they need to succeed. Top students make money by providing notes, study guides, and flashcards (beta) for their peers.

StudySoup is your University Academic Resource center brought online.

- Lower Cost
- Leverage an Untapped Resource (students)
- Highly Relevant Micro-Experts

Top students can make a $1000+ per month on StudySoup.

Over half a million college students use StudySoup today.


The Leading Marketplace for Real Estate Investing

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RealtyShares is the LendingClub for Real Estate. We've created the leading marketplace for real estate investing through which individual and institutional investors can purchase shares in pre-vetted residential and commercial real estate properties for as little as $5,000 from the convenience of a laptop or tablet. These investments are offered through real estate borrowers/sponsors looking for access to more efficient capital than what banks and other private capital sources are able to provide.

We streamline the investment process so investors can complete the entire process online, signing all documents electronically and transferring funds, securely through the platform. We also provide investors with access to a dashboard through which they can monitor their investments 24-7.

We've had tremendous momentum with $160M+ in originations across over 300+ investments. We've raised $32M in venture capital from USV, Menlo Ventures and General Catalyst Partners.


Amazon back office for SMBs and marketplaces

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Olist is the one-stop-shop for SMBs to access Brazil’s largest marketplaces and manage their products, inventory, pricing, fulfillment, customer support and payments in one single place.


Inspect anything. Document everything.

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More about HappyCo

HappyCo develops a suite of software to improve the efficiency of operations in the field.

The Happy Inspector product helps our customers to replace their paper based forms and workflow with a customizable mobile app and powerful web-based software to improve their efficiency. In addition, the data our software helps to collect allows our customers to view, aggregate and analyze their operations in a way that was impossible before the advent of mobile smartphones, tablets and access to the cloud.

Our customers include the top names in Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Multifamily, Student Housing, Vacation Rentals, Fitness, Hospitality, Government and Home Services.

We are a SaaS business and charge our customers a monthly subscription to access our technology.


Centralized IT monitoring and management

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More about Nubity

We provide a centralized monitoring platform for public and private cloud management (SaaS) and apps, allowing customers to view all server alerts in a single console. In addition, we enable our customers to delegate server management responsibilities to a team of experienced server specialists, available 24/7, at a fraction of the cost of having a part time programmer running servers. Our services run on top of cloud optimization software, as our primary responsibility is ensuring uptime.

Our vision is to manage all outsourced IT infrastructure including IaaS and PaaS, enabling our clients to focus on building their businesses while we monitor and maintain their infrastructure. We rely on a pool of talented individuals with extensive experience in server administration to help our clients and are developing improved automated scripts that allow us to scale operations with marginal hiring.

Integrated Clouds: AWS, SoftLayer, Rackspace, Azure, Cloudstack
Customers in 10 countries


Fastest growing marketplace for original art

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More about Vango

Vango is the fastest growing marketplace for art. We are focused on art you hang, selling limited edition prints and one-of-a-kind paintings.

Our mission is to make art accessible to those who want original art, but are intimidated by it. We do this in three ways:
- Visualization: A distinct focus on mobile technology and innovative searching tools, allowing users to find art based on the color scheme of their room, as well as virtually ‘hang’ the art on their wall. 
- Simple Pricing: A unique pricing structure where artists start selling at Debut ($250, $500) and unlock higher tiers the more they sell (Noteworthy - $750, $1000; Established - $1500, $2000). 
- Relatable Discovery: We created thematic collections that people can relate to (like Spotify) rather than genre, medium, and movement. We also let you find local artist using GPS.

We originally launched with an iPad then iPhone app. We launched a web app in Jan 2015.


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May 13, 2016



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Batch 16 Company Demos

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