Blue Studios

At Blue Studios, we’re building the Peloton of STEM education with the mission of teaching a billion kids STEM skills. We‘re a livestream and on-demand platform broadcasting the best and most engaging STEM classes for kids (K-12), everything from coding, robotics, microbiology, botany, you name it, we’ve got it at Blue Studios.


Nanogrid builds advanced cost calculation technology that enables home energy companies (electric car OEMs, solar installers, etc.) to ensure their customers get the most value out of their products.


Rovilus develops innovative thermal management system that improves safety and reliability for vehicles operators


InnerTrends is a data science service for SaaS that uncovers deep insights in customer onboarding, retention and engagement without the need of data scientists.


Camera-based AI Shopping Assistant


KiKi is the first app that pays you for having fun. A social marketplace where you can meet people, buy and share experiences with them.


AMPAworks is the future of inventory management. Currently focused on hospitals, we use computer vision AI to track and manage inventory in real-time so that doctors and nurses have to tools and supplies that they need to take care of patients.

Blue Wire

Blue Wire is a sports podcasting network collecting the next generation of talent from Twitter, Snap, Instagram and YouTube.

LucidAct Health

LucidAct is an AI assistant for nurses and case managers to help them know what to do faster and eliminate errors


Glyph is a digitally knit shoe company that makes the only pair of shoes anyone needs to own.


Visionful connects smart cities and autonomous vehicles leveraging AI and computer vision to provide data for full parking automation and traffic monitoring.


3D capturing & product visualization for e-commerce using AI with any mobile device.


EZFarming is a marketplace that helps farmers finance their business and sell their produce. Farmers are able to scale their farms into commercial sizes, access better market and earn more income.


Tradespace makes it easier for companies to buy, sell, and license Intellectual Property.


Nanno is the first on-demand childcare app that lets parents book high-quality, vetted sitters nationwide.


Resonado is redefining the shape of sound by enabling new speaker form factors which unlock century-old design constraints.


FitzyTV is an internet TV platform designed to help consumers watch & record all of their streaming TV channels across multiple services with our apps and Cloud DVR technology.


We turn developers and data scientists into heroes, by making them move 960x faster


We derisk the content model by making movies with social data.


AI-product for manufacturing plant automatization. Like a self-driving car, but this is software for self-operating factories.


Sharebee is a vertically integrated marketplace where anyone can book moving and storage in a couple of minutes for half the traditional price.


Send4 enable retailers to offer a seamless post-purchase experience to their customers, retaining, engaging, and delighting them while cutting cost through returns management automation.


We help you launch your career.


Hearo.Live Talk + Watch Together connects friends together to talk, watch, laugh and cheer, like we’re sitting side-by-side. Built on our new eVenue platform, we turn passive media into a live, social experience.


Dispatchr helps electric utilities prevent wildfires, catastrophes, and crippling outages that cost the nation over $120B annually.


Renaissance leverages current consumer behavior trends to deliver a new content consumption model, starting from music. Users earn loyalty points by listening to music and can use the loyalty points to redeem rewards from their favorite creators.


Docket is a system of record and workflow management SaaS for legal teams.


We reward individual users for their blockchain and crypto price predictions, and empower institutional investors with sentiment data for investment in the sector.


We help music labels and artists track their songs to collect royalties by providing real-time audit reports of streaming play counts.


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