Salusive Health

Digital Disease Management

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More about Salusive Health

We help physicians improve patient outcomes by overcoming the traditional gaps of care between visits and providing a new passive revenue stream in the process. We support physicians at networks like Sutter Health by connecting their patients to dedicated nurses who use digital health sensors to monitor patient progress, manage their treatment plan, and escalate to their physician if needed. For clinics preferring to use their own nurses, our technology platform can be independently licensed.

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More about Copper Cow Coffee

A mental health startup that's reimagining in-person therapy with data.

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More about reflect

reflect is a mental health platform that reimagines in-person therapy to be more accessible and effective. We simplify the search process through data-driven matching and increase engagement between sessions to improve outcomes. 90% of those who use reflect find a therapist they like. Try for free at


Online platform that enables users to get smart legal answers, legal services and lawyers.

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More about lexyom

Lexyom is an online platform that enables users to get smart answers, legal services and lawyers. The product helps users find smart answers and be directed to the right legal services and/or lawyer fit to solve their matter. We are targeting young professionals looking to launch their careers and/or business and are not in a position to afford traditional over priced legal services. We are targeting professionals from the age of 22 to 39. We are working hard on codified laws to create smart answers and efficient services.


An HSA that doesn't suck.

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More about Starship

Starship is a new kind of health savings account built for busy mobile professionals using the accounts and smart HR teams administering the plans.

The Starship savings account is bundled with an automatic investing tool that makes it virtually effortless for customers to grow their savings dollars.

Our pricing is honest and simple for employers and completely free for individuals and small businesses.

In 2017, HSAs became the most popular form of employer-provided health benefits in the United States. We're on a mission to make each and every one of them love it.

Finedine Menu

Data-driven digital menus for a smarter and more profitable dining experience

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More about Finedine Menu

Finedine is a growing tech company that provides data-driven digital menus for a smarter and more profitable dining experience. Finedine app tracks customer behavior and collects insights on what to keep and what to improve. The order management feature helps streamline the ordering process and improve table turnover. Restauranteurs can also collect instant feedback and contact information from guests to take action towards enhancing the dining experience.
Finedine is used in 45+ countries.


Koreaboo is a digital media company that creates & shares viral Korean content, in English

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More about Koreaboo


Harmonica IT

The leading Marriage-Making platform in MENA

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More about Harmonica IT

HARMONICA is the leading marriage-making app in the MENA region. HARMONICA was established to help people find the suitable life partner. Taking into consideration how difficult it is to find a suitable partner in conservative societies, like the middle east, HARMONICA proposes to facilitate the search of the compatible person using a scientific processes that fits conservative cultures. The innovative mobile application is free to use and has been equipped with safety features; since this is one of the main concerns that users across the MENA region have. In that sense we are focusing on the quality, avoiding misuse all while respecting the conservative nature of the app's geaographic coverage. The mobile only app has been up and running since December 2017, and now has more than 70,000 unique users and over 5 million sessions. Daily, HARMONICA has over 10,000 active users, with 20 confirmed engaged couples in just 4 months.

Purple Go

In-store mobile tech to help retailers modernize and connect online for retail 3.0

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More about Purple Go

Purple Go’s mission is to make shopping an elegant and delightful experience everywhere. So we’ve built a platform that seamlessly connects every step of the customer journey, online and in-store. Our premier product, Purple Go for Optical Retailers is a product database, CRM, assisted selling iPad app, and email marketing platform that makes it easier for opticians to connect customers with awesome eyewear. It removes the complexity around exams, lens options, insurance pricing, and purchasing and allows customers to enjoy the experience of finding the best glasses. With Purple Go, optical retailers of any size are able to instantly provide an unparalleled shopping experience that’s proven to engage with customers and increase sales.


Track and Prove Email Delivery for Better Legal Communication

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More about Lexop

Lexop is an online messaging and secure file exchange platform that tracks and proves email delivery to enable better legal communication and replace traditional methods such as registered mail, process servers, couriers, and bailiffs.

Lawyers use it to serve legal documents;
Property managers use it to send notices to their tenants;
Debt collection agencies use it to send default notices and collect payment;


Online Psychotherapy Platform

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More about Shezlong

The first online mental health Practice in MENA , allowing patients to connect licensed therapists via Video Visit via mobile or web.


Helping construction teams track production and catch deviations from design

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More about StructionSite

StructionSite lets builders rapidly digitize a jobsite, creating a Google Street View-type experience and a virtual jobsite the entire project team can visit from anywhere. Combining 360 photos and video with 3D building information models (design), StructionSite also lets builders track production and catch critical mistakes before they become costly rework.


Smartphone warranty paired with security tools for enterprise IT teams

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More about Orchard

Orchard is a light-weight smartphone protection service for enterprises with BYOD (bring your own device) programs. Our smartphone diagnostics that were meticulously tested and crafted over four years enable IT managers to manage their BYOD programs and get a strong picture of the company's security profile, while educating and protecting the employees' device and privacy. Early customers converted from first touch to commercial contract in 1 month.


The easiest way to eliminate student debt.

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More about Chipper


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