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Empowering homeowners to build wealth.

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More about Homebot

Homebot helps homeowners build home equity twice as fast.

83% of the average American’s wealth at retirement comes from their home, not 401k or savings. But most homeowners aren’t optimizing this asset because they’re not finance experts.

Homebot is a client retention tool for mortgage brokers that increases their marketing effectiveness by 400%. Homebot is offered as a SAAS subscription for brokers that co-brands and distributes Homebot to all of their clients and prospects.


Roommate Matching Service for Baby Boomers

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More about Silvernest

Silvernest is a unique roommate-matching service designed for Baby Boomers and Empty Nesters who have (or need) a home to share. With more than 10,000 people in the U.S. turning 65 each day, the Baby Boomer population of 109M will grow to 132M by 2030, and this will have substantial impact in many areas, with affordable housing options ranking in the top 3.

Our unique platform matches homeowners with pre-screened housemates and provides the ability to background check, check references, request mediation, create a state specific lease, and manage rent payments all from Silvernest’s secure platform. Silvernest is an affordable, long-term alternative which seamlessly enables aging-in-place. www.silvernest.com.


Patented IoT based platform enabling early detection of deteriorating health conditions!

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More about NonnaTech

First IoT based remote patient monitoring platform utilizing passive connected sensors and machine learning to enable the early detection of deteriorating health conditions before the onset of symptoms. There are over 46 million seniors in the U.S. and nearly 37 million of seniors have at least one chronic disease, and over 31 million have at least two. More than $17 billion is spent by Medicare annually on potentially avoidable hospital readmissions.

Unlike telehealth platforms and other remote patient monitoring solutions, our software yields valuable, filtered real-time data, showing changes in activities of daily living, providing actionable insight and signaling potential physiologic changes. These insights create a pathway to early interventions, containing costs, leading to a reduction in avoidable emergency department visits, hospitalizations and admissions into higher levels of care.


Manage 10X chronic patients using existing staff.

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More about SimplifiMed

Doctors are concerned because they don't know how to keep their patients healthy because 1/3rd of US population suffers from chronic conditions. They have hired health coaches but a health coach can barely manage 300 patients/year. This means a large number of chronic patients go unmanaged.

Due to regulatory changes in the healthcare system, this lack of management results in losses for the doctors.

SimplifiMed helps care coaches manage ten times as many patients. Powered by pharmacy data and utilizing chatbot technology, we help care coaches identify care gaps and collaborate with patients to fill these gaps. This improves patients' health and reduced number of Emergency visits and hospitalizations resulting in higher income for doctors.

Up All Night

AI powered personal concierge for events

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More about Up All Night

Up All Night wants to radically change how people experience concerts, festivals and events. We’ve built a beautiful mobile and web platform where members can follow artists, find the best events, purchase tickets and get free VIP tickets if they’re a monthly subscriber.
We have built some amazing technology including an affinity model where we learn about users through their behaviors and can predict events they will want to attend. In addition we've built an IBM Watson powered chatbot that's automating functions of our human concierges and helping us scale across the world.
The team behind Up All Night includes successful entrepreneurs Prem Kumta, Chris Smith, and Ketan Anjaria that possess the winning combination of product, tech and industry knowledge to change the game.


Find high-quality and affordable dental care.

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More about Zentist

Zentist is a dental care platform to help out-of-pocket paying patients find and book dentists based on transparent price and quality information. Zentist is making dental care accessible and affordable to millions of people.

Level Therapy

Moving therapy to balance your life (500 Startups B18)

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More about Level Therapy

Print on demand Marketplace for e-commerce

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More about Printify

Printify is a print-on-demand fulfillment supplier for e-commerce stores. Within a few clicks we help e-commerce merchants to create their design on white label POD products (t-shirts, hoodies, canvas, phone-cases, etc) from our network of producers and pump into their online shops. After the customer purchase, Printify mediates the transactions for order production, printing and dropshipping the final product with the merchants branding to customer's doorstep.


App Revenue without Ads

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More about BeaconsInSpace

Monetize your app and generate location analytics WITHOUT showing ads.

BeaconsInSpace generates an added stream of revenue for apps by providing them with access to beacon networks. All anonymous. No ads. Monthly recurring revenue.

- Over 1,000 apps use BeaconsInSpace to support their monetization strategy.

Get started here: https://missioncontrol.beaconsinspace.com/register

View our beacon map: https://www.beaconsinspace.com/GETBeacons


Smart Facility Management

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More about Infraspeak

Nowadays Facility Managers have a really hard time to plan, execute and predict maintenance operations/costs, as their information systems are mostly based on paper or outdated software.​​

That is why dozens of companies like Siemens and Intercontinental Hotels decided to subscribe our web, mobile and IoT solution to manage their maintenance efficiently, cutting costs and reducing bureaucracy by 70%+.

In no time, Infraspeak has grown from 0 to 160k in revenue, reached product-market fit and closed deals in Portugal, Brazil and Angola.

Backed by 500 Startups and Caixa Capital, it’s now time to scale!


Commercial Insurance. Simplified.

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More about Indio

Bringing commercial insurance brokers into the digital age


A clever new way to be productive in your city

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More about Croissant

Croissant gives you instant access to inspiring workspaces around your city. With over 50 locations available across New York City, San Francisco, Boston, and Washington DC, you can create whenever and wherever you are.


SaaS automation

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More about Fragmentic

Fragmentic.com is a constructor for building SaaS products from pre-designed, out-of-box working elements


Mobile workflow platform saving hours everyday for farmers

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More about HeavyConnect

HeavyConnect is a cloud-based collaboration platform that utilizes mobile devices to simplify many of the operational tasks that consumer a farming manager's day. From equipment tracking to work scheduling, HeavyConnect allows you to easily farm your best day ever...from anywhere.

Get Lighthouse

Lighthouse software helps managers prevent turnover & motivate their teams

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More about Get Lighthouse

Every role in a company seems to have software to help them do their jobs except for people managers. We’re changing that.

Lighthouse helps people managers with the essential soft skills needed to motivate their teams and prevent turnover. Today our focus is on making 1-on-1s effective, and helping drive the #1 perk employees request: Growth.

== Multi-Angle Approach ==
We’re solving problems of communication & leadership to encourage good management behavior with software by using:
- Creative, educational marketing
- Sound work & psychology research
- Behavioral economics

We have a large, paid customer base we've built during early access. There’s a ton of opportunity as we grow for more experiments and innovation in space previously ignored by technology.

We’re deeply ingraining ourselves into the daily workflow of every manager in the world by teaching them key management concepts and helping them build the right habits to actually do them. 1-on-1s are just the beginning.


Automating operations workflow for the $4.5T mult-unit retail industry

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More about Squadle

Squadle provides digital checklists and wireless sensors for the $4.5T multi-unit industry. Over 1,000,000 multi-unit chain locations in the U.S. still use paper logbooks to manually record mandatory daily items such as opening checklists, safe counts, and food safety temperatures. Squadle provides tablets and SAAS software to replace those paper books and then automates the data collection with wireless connected sensors.


Global insurance distribution system

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More about VisionX

VisionX is a platform that makes the distribution of insurance products more efficient on a global scale, helping both insurance companies, aggregators and insurance agents along the way.
Like Amadeus for the travel industry, VisionX will become a distribution system connecting insurance companies with multiple channels by providing the technology that allows quoting and purchasing in real-time.


The smart business travel tool built for the world's largest company

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More about WhereFor

WhereFor Business is an automated personal assistant for business travel. It was invented to solve the frustration of the world's largest company, and is generating millions in ARR. It anticipates employees' business travel needs by actively monitoring their calendar, email, and text for meetings, and then automatically suggests the optimal flight or hotel for the trip. The itineraries are optimized to the company's business rules, and can be booked in one click. It saves companies and their employees serious time and money.

It was built on top of proprietary technology developed in an award winning consumer site, WhereFor.com.


Coliving/coworking in beautiful places

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More about Outsite

Outsite provides communal live/work spaces in beautiful places. Outsite targets location independent millenials, tech workers with flexible schedules and remote teams.

Siren Care

Next-generation smart textiles; Detecting injury in real-time to prevent amputations

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More about Siren Care

In the not so distant future, we believe your clothes will monitor your health, communicate with the world and control your environment. Our next generation Siren smart textile technology makes this future a reality by seamlessly embedding electronics directly into fabric to create the world's first washable, flexible and scalable smart fabric. Our first product is a temperature sensing sock to help diabetics prevent foot ulcers. Diabetes affects 415m people, & will increase by 50% over the next 20yrs. 12% of diabetics will lose a leg to foot ulcers in their life. After a lower leg amputation, 80% pass away within 5ys. In US, cost of DFUs & amputations is $17b/yr. Temp monitoring can reduce ulcers by 72%. Nerve damaged diabetics need to always wear protective socks, so our form factor integrates into the user's everyday life. The data-driven insights gained from Siren Smart Socks help diabetics stay on top of their foot health.


Future musical instrument learning

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More about Melodics

Learning to play an instrument is hard, the practice required is daunting.

Melodics applies data driven adaptive learning and persuasive technology to learning to play an instrument, making practice fun, and more importantly - making it habit.


Transform your phone into a laptop

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More about Andromium

Andromium turns your smartphone into a laptop. The key is our software platform, which makes Android function like a desktop, simply by downloading an app - paired with a commoditizable laptop shell to complete the experience. Our flagship shell 'The Superbook' has raised over $3.5M in pre-sales since August 2016.

Our mission is to enable anyone with a smartphone to access laptop productivity.

Key points on Andromium:
- $3.5M in pre-sales since August 2016
- Customizes the Android experience using an app - no forking or OS changes needed
- Founded by Y Combinator and Google alums

Connect with us at founders@andromiumos.com.


The easiest way to send and receive HIPAA compliant email

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More about Paubox

Paubox is the easiest way to send and receive HIPAA compliant email. We've designed an email encryption platform that eliminates the hassles of encryption, like cumbersome portals, PGP keys, app downloads, keywords and Outlook plugins. Users can just write and send email as normal from any device.

We also allow for seamless inbound email encryption and robust email security (spam, virus, phishing and malware protection). We are the only product on the market that can provide a true seamless inbound and outbound encryption on every email.

Our target market is healthcare organizations with less than 500 employees. Market research reveals there are 1.7M of these orgs in the US with 16 million mailboxes. They are tremendously under served.

Paubox is part of Batch 18 of 500 Startups.


APIs for 3D surround sound voice and video communication

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More about Voxeet

We say no to frustrating conference calls. You can't even get on the call. Once you're on, it sounds like crap and you can't tell who's talking. It’s an anxious scenario for your employees and a costly experience for your company.

At Voxeet, we take sound seriously. Our TrueVoice Technology transforms the ordinary conference call into 3D immersive, surround-sound experience. Imagine hearing everyone crystal clear, as if they’re in the room with you, sitting to your left, your right. Pick up subtle nuances. Know what people are really feeling and saying. 

The solution is built on top of WebRTC and is particularly well optimized for mobile devices. The current offering includes an API that allows any third party to deliver crystal clear audio and video. In addition to audio and video conferencing Voxeet delivers screen sharing, presentation mode, messaging, and scheduling. Voxeet is highly secure & scalable with global AWS deployment.

Arthur Health

Connected pharmacy platform with user-centered app and smart pill bottle

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More about Arthur Health

Arthur Health is the easiest way to manage your vitamins and medications. Our mobile app puts all the information you need at your fingertips, with a smart pill bottle and other connected hardware that automatically tracks your doses and sends reminders when you forget. It’s like having a personal assistant for your pills.

We also have a web app and secure messaging tools that enables pharmacists, providers and clinical trial managers to reach out to the right patients at the right time.

We are building the platform for a more convenient and healthier pharmacy experience.

See a brief demo of the smart pill bottle: https://vimeo.com/159737153


Block cloud infrastructure overspend… before it happens! [500 startups]

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More about OneKloud

OneKloud gets cloud infrastructure spending under total control by automatically enforcing budget quotas that are forecasted and assigned per project and team, and managing workflow approval. A platform that eliminates cloud infrastructure misuse and drives day-to-day decision making to reflect high-level strategy, OneKloud reduces average cloud spending by 15% to 50%, while generating company-wide accountability.

The 48,000 US companies that spend over $10 billion on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud now have the solution to easily manage their Cloud Infrastructure costs and block all unnecessary spending before it occurs.


Referral management platform that enables B2B companies manage and optimize programs.

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More about Auctio

Auctio boosts ROI through generating high-quality leads for sales and marketing teams in enterprise companies. The platform launches and optimizes incentive-based referral and cross-selling programs that engage front-line employees as well as outside influencers in the lead generation process, and motivate them along the way.

Our goal is to assist companies with tapping into an exceptional source of qualified leads to increase revenue and develop new markets. While referrals have been shown to be one of the highest converting sources of leads and 91% of customers say that they'd give referrals, only 11% of sales people ask for them.

Our SaaS referral management platform introduces the right incentives to the right employees and outside influencers to allow them to identify business opportunities and submit qualified leads. Auctio is designed to be a strategic, long-term marketing initiative for businesses and a NEW marketing channel for Sales and Marketing teams.

OK Play

Predictably Better Teams

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More about OK Play

Ok Play delivers predictive performance analytics for teams. Starting with esports, we are creating apps that extend the capabilities and intelligence of teams.


Government incentives compliance management

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More about BIGcontrols

BIGcontrols is an enterprise-grade SaaS solution for government incentives compliance management.

Over $20B from all government incentives is lost annually, just in the U.S. There’s a lack of internal controls around compliance management for government incentives within corporations which leads to massive compliance risk exposure.

If losing millions of dollars doesn't get your attention perhaps this will, the FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) will issue a pronouncement in 2016 that creates new disclosure requirements for government incentives which applies to all U.S. companies. Currently, corporations do not have the systems or internal controls to track & report these disclosures.

We save corporations millions of dollars by automating the tracking, reporting & compliance management for their government incentives.


Make it easy for people to consume, share and interact with religious content.

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More about ROHO

Mobile video platform that indexes and curates sermons, allowing users on-demand access to inspirational content on the exact issue they want.


Web app testing system that doesn’t require coding or constant updating

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More about Usetrace

Usetrace artificial users replaces repetitive testing in growth companies.

Web apps are becoming central to every business operation. However, testing is still a bottleneck in creating quality web software.

Usetrace's artificial user learns and goes through the critical use cases of any webapp, every time developers make changes.

Usetrace helps to automate testing without any coding. The virtual users are 60 times faster then human testers and consume 6 times less of your time compared to code based automated testing solutions. During the last 6 months Usetrace saved more than 130.000 USD in testing expenses at a single customer.


Optimizely for Clinical Trial Recruitment

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More about Leapcure

Leapcure delivers patient recruitment, engagement, and retention for phase I-IV clinical trials. Leapcure empowers patients and enables researchers by combining nonprofit patient advocacy communities (e.g. American Lung Association) with adaptive patient screening technology.


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More about BrightPolicy


Artificial intelligence for Content Marketing

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More about Codec

Content marketing with no guesswork. Codec gives the actionable insight behind the content your audience loves. Before you spend big on content, Codec provides real-time intelligence to inspire and optimise creative and planning decisions.

Codec uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand the meaning of text, image and video content and how it’s consumed by online audiences. These insights help creatives and brands make great content that is specifically tailored to their target audiences. Through real-time actionable content recommendations, Codec answers the what, when, where and why of content marketing. The result is better ROI, better engagement and informed teams that create with confidence.

Fan Stream

Fan Driven Sports Radio (500 Startups Batch 18)

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More about Fan Stream

Fan Stream instantly connects fans together in live audio conversations to discuss their favorite teams. Think Google Hangouts meets Bleacher Report.

Fan Stream makes watching games social and engaging without missing the action in the game. We utilize audio, instead of text, to communicate hands and eyes free within the community. If you are watching a game alone, just tune into the “Game Day” station of your team (or a private station with your friends) and talk to other fans watching the same game.

Fan Stream is not just for live games, but pregame, postgame, off nights, and even off season (who doesn’t love talking the draft?). Fan Stream is building an entire experience around Sports engagement, ie: working with teams to mic up certain parts of the court that play over stations, having player and personality hosted conversations, high reputation fan participation in press conferences, and working with an in-ear mic headset provider to allow fans in stadium to communicate.


Never think about self-employment taxes again.

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More about Track

Track helps freelances save enough for taxes from every paycheck. It connects to their bank account and whenever it sees they've been paid, it automatically calculates and sets aside enough for quarterly tax estimates and payments to the IRS so the freelancer can get back to real work.

Track is the only company making self-employment W-2 employees usually don't spend what they owe in income taxes because their employer withholds for them BEFORE they're paid. Intuit estimates that 40% of the US workforce will have 1099 income by 2020. So why are millions of freelancers, self-employed, independent contractors and entrepreneurs left to "save on their own?"

Most of Track's UX is conversational (over SMS or the app), so it feels more like timely step-by-step help from a smart friend rather than an app's push notifications of to-dos on visual software like apps. Track is more helpful than traditional tax apps and a lot less expensive than an accountant.


micro business insurance

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More about trym

Small business insurance today isn't broken, it doesn't even exist. Though they account for approximately 98% of all small firms with less <500 employees in the U.S. today, micro businesses (0-19 employees) are forced to go through the same ten-week-long underwriting process, fill out the same burdensome applications, and purchase between four and seven of the same over-complicated insurance policies designed for the 2% of medium and larger enterprises. Not to mention having to filter through less-than-best advice from underqualified agents due to the size of their premiums.

Trym is the first insurance experience designed exclusively for micro small businesses. Save the ten weeks, get all the insurance your business needs in less than 180 seconds. And trade in those over-sized stacks of policies for one simple insurance policy that fits in your pocket.

Insurance giants aren't built to serve small businesses like yours. We're different. We trym insurance to fit your-sized needs.


Building the gift card market in Africa.

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More about SureBids

SureBids is a retail voucher aggregator and provider in Africa. It is the first coordinated effort to introduce retail vouchers in Nigeria, with the focus is on ease of redemption and simplicity. The company's SureGifts vouchers are used for (e)gifting, loyalty and corporate rewards, and also for international non-cash remittances via its SureRemit product, asset-financing via its SureCredit product, and charitable fundraising via its SureAid product.


Platform for Destination Coworking Experiences

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More about DigitalOutposts

We’re hosting select groups of co-working professionals in shared workspaces around the world. Leave your office behind to discover new cultures, go on an adventure, and forge new friendships, all while getting your job done.


Personal insurance products over mobile app in seconds.

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More about INZMO

INZMO is a mobile app where you get any personal insurance in seconds.

Insurance industry sucks at targeting the most important generation, who is going to dominate the insurance market in the years to come - the 1,7 bil millennials of the world.

To millennials, insurance is boring and time-consuming. At the same time millennials spend 90% of their time online and 85% of them own a smart phone.

INZMO enables you to get any personal insurance in seconds. No matter if you insure your motor-vehicles, smart devices, household, next trip or anything that is valuable to you.

Not only have we created an excellent user experience, but we also help insurance companies to become more effective by reducing the costs of sales and administration and reducing the risk of insurance fraud. Every time you insure your items in INZMO, you are asked to make a 5 second video of the insured item.

This means not only better business to insurance companies, but lower premiums to our customers.


The easiest way to buy and sell wholesale online

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More about OrderCircle

OrderCircle brings the simplicity of B2C e-commerce to B2B wholesale ordering.
We provide a SaaS tool for branded product companies (manufacturers) to accept and manage their wholesale orders in the cloud. Retailers can log in and add items to their cart before placing an order from a brand. The orders are then dumped into a backend for the brand to review, edit, accept, ship, and collect payment for those orders.


Intelligent interface to your business apps. Number 1 enterprise bot for Slack.

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More about Statsbot

Statsbot is number 1 enterprise bot in Slack.

It lets you asking questions to analytics in natural language. Statsbot examines your data using machine learning and points out which findings are important to focus on.


Making the mortgage process simple

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More about StreamLoan

StreamLoan is the easiest way for a customer to buy or refinance a home. We provide a digital solution and mobile experience for all the collaboration, auto-document aggregation, sharing & policy management, and transparent loan status tracking. We bring efficiency, productivity, and increased customer satisfaction to lenders, who promote the service to consumers (white labeled or co-branded).


Fast Predictive AI Engine

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More about Datatron

Datatron is the first platform that allows enterprises to easily merge real-time (Kafka, RabbitMQ, Spark Streaming) and historical (Hadoop, Teredata, Netezza) data to create immediate business insights. We are a data management and processing engine that sits below your visualization tools (Lookr, Tableau, Domo, Chart.io, Geckoboard) and above your data reservoirs(lake). Datatron’s proprietary software is built on top of cutting edge technologies like Apache Spark utilizing the power of cheap storage systems like hadoop making it cost-efficient. Our proprietary business logic platform allows customers to quickly and accurately leverage SQL to visualize and update complex business KPIs in real-time. Datatron’s engine helps enterprises realize more revenue, increase customer satisfaction and improve efficiencies.


OnFarm integrates ag data for seamless solutions that power farm profitability.

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More about OnFarm

OnFarm is the first company to integrate field sensor, control, and agronomic farm information into a SaaS based farm decision support system enabling farmers to increase profit while maximizing key inputs such as nutrients, water, labor, and energy.

OnFarm establishes partnerships with existing specialized agriculture hardware or information companies and provides users with a complete system of vital agronomic information; soil, plant, operational, and atmospheric conditions that empower their entire farming organization to make better more informed decisions resulting in immediate impact on farm productivity and profitability.


Reinventing university recruiting in a data-driven way.

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More about Tackl

Tackl is reinventing university recruiting in a data-driven way, connecting aspiring talent and employers. With a pool of university students from 200+ U.S. schools, Tackl helps companies find the right candidates and hire them without hassle. Students can share their unique stories with employers and peers via guided profile that is designed for students.

Companies are hiring students for internship/new grad/brand ambassadors/beta tester positions through Tackl. They no longer need to spend a huge amount of time and money to attend campus career events or to use multiple job boards. Instead, they can come to the Tackl talent inventory and find what they want, using the smart-matching algorithm.

Students can now be chased by companies instead of keep chasing after companies. Also, they get to be informed about diverse opportunities that used to be easily searchable.

Tackl is imagining a place where advanced talent information is available and opportunities are more visible.


Pet Wellness Simplified

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More about Treat

Treat delivers modern, worry-free pet care via house calls and telemedicine. We're like One Medical but for pets.


Employee Recognition for the Modern Workplace. Reward Top Employees with Experiences.

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More about Blueboard

The Blueboard rewards platform allows companies to reward their employees to curated experiences and activities with the click of a button – things like skydiving, wine tasting, massage and mixology.

Our clients love the fact that we've made memorable and meaningful recognition as easy as sending a gift card. Experiences as rewards are proven to improve key metrics like employee engagement, motivation, and create a more positive company culture.

Monkimun - Lingokids

English Learning for Early Childhood

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More about Monkimun - Lingokids

Lingokids: Empower Your Child to 
Learn English in a Natural Way during Early Childhood.

Our thesis is simple:
- There is massive value in early childhood education
- Early childhood education is time-consuming and expensive
- Mobiles will democratize access only when retention works
- The only way this can happen is in a platform
- We have a head start with an English learning platform
- It’s a highly defensible business due to network effects

"I am a mom of 2 children. I am not quite good in english, but i hope my children better than me. I live in a small city there are not bilangual or international school, its also difficult to find english teacher that have fluent english conversation. Thank you for lingokids. My children love it" - Tiara, Indonesia

“I live in a small city there are not bilangual or international school, its also difficult to find english teacher that have fluent english conversation. Thank you for lingokids. My children love it” - Siska Prabowo, Malaysia


Name your price for products (YC S14)

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More about Greentoe

Greentoe is a a next generation e-commerce marketplace that enables consumers to "name your price" on the products they want to buy. Created to change the way people shop, Greentoe shakes up the traditional retail model by putting consumers in the driver’s seat. They make an offer to buy a product at a specific price, Greentoe then notifies a network of certified retailers to see if anyone is willing to accept the offer. Using the service consumers are often able to undercut Amazon prices by more 10-15%.


We are using physical photos as a door to the digital.

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More about Prynt

We are defining a new medium for photography, by using physical photos as a door to the digital memories. By mixing physical and digital photography, our goal is to make people feel more connected to each other, and make them relive significant moments.

We started by applying our technology to Instant Photography: we created a case for smartphone that would print pictures instantly, just like an old school Polaroid. Except that holding any smartphone over any printed picture will make it come back to life, like a Harry Potter picture.
We then extended our usage to other types of physical photos: our users can send each other physical postcards with a hidden message hidden each one of them.

Every Prynt photo is like a door between times and people, you can use it as a way to share beautiful moments in an authentic way.


Beauty Vertical Ecommerce in SEA

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More about Althea

Althea is Korea's premier beauty e-commerce platform that provides the latest beauty products, trends and lifestyle to consumers in Southeast Asia.


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