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Empowering every school on earth to build a thriving alumni community

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More about Almabase

With our sophisticated technology, a school can become 10X efficient in every aspect of alumni relations - Alumni Engagement, Fund Raising, Prospecting etc.

Please go through self-served demo of our product - http://almabase.com/demo?autologin=true

Ambience Data

IoT for Environmental Monitoring

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More about Ambience Data

Ambience Data is a software data company that uses a sensor agnostic end-to-end IoT platform to monitor and collect data using our hardware devices.Our initial focus was on air pollution data in megacities around the world, however we have now expanded our portfolio to include all environmental verticals. We combine big data, customer data, and sensor information to build predictive models with cutting edge machine learning techniques to provide truly meaningful data insights.


Changes medical industry between manufacturers, distributors, and hospitals

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More about Aumet

A site that allows medical manufacturers and distributors increase their sales by sharing hospital inquiries, business news, search for products and find potential clients.

Manufacturers and distributors who work together connect and get verified so they share hospital inquiries, market business news between each other .

Suppliers list their products and connect with distributors who sell these products and select countries, where they are looking for distributors, in the meantime distributors, connects with their suppliers, search for new product and list their interests.


Remove bias from group work and decision-making.

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More about Baloonr

Baloonr removes bias from group work and decision-making. Our app levels the playing field, making it possible to anonymously surface and prioritize information, feedback, and ideas from any group.

Used and trusted by Fortune 50 companies, startups, leading hospitals, and top universities.


Donate spare change to charity on everyday purchases.

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More about Bstow

Bstow allows users to round up their spare change to charity.


Cardlife is all your business (SaaS) subscriptions in one

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More about Cardlife

Cardlife helps businesses to take control of their subscriptions payments. Over 90% of all businesses don’t know how many subscriptions they have or how much they’re paying. Cardlife is all in one SaaS subscriptions management.

- We're top 5 SaaS product of all times at Product Hunt


Mobile cash payments with no fees

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More about ChangeJar

Credit cards reward consumers but force higher prices and reduced margins on merchants. Only ChangeJar is driving cash payment by making it mobile: as fast and convenient as credit or debit - but without the transaction fees.

With the ChangeJar app on their phone, consumers can accumulate the value of change from physical cash transactions and then use it for mobile payment, tipping and social giving.
• Cash-based: payment is immediate with no risk of chargebacks
• Frictionless onboarding: no ID, bank account or credit card required


Compensation for flight delays

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More about ClaimCompass

ClaimCompass is the easiest way to get back at airlines for screwing up your flight.
With just a few clicks, passengers can file a claim and get up to $680 in compensation from the airline.
Based on existing national and international legislation, such as EU261/2004 and the Montreal Convention of 1999, we built an automated claims filing and processing system, which allows us to handle large volumes of claims with minimal time and effort.


Smart cyber threat defense and privacy protection system. Handy and fully secured.

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More about CloudCoffer

There is no suitable way for home users and small/medium business to have adequate security controls, and the situation is causing many serious consequences like privacy invasion. With strong academic backgrounds and rich industrial experiences, our team keeps researching and applies machine learning mechanisms to help users prevent against modern cyber attacks, and the solution is called the Intelligent Forbidden Function (TIFF). TIFF may be embedded in hardware or as cloud solutions to secure users’ systems and protect users’ privacy. TIFF is also one of our patent-pending solutions.
We provide SaaS, hardware, and rule subscription solutions. Our TIFF-embedded gateway routers let users secure systems and privacy in a few seconds—all devices, including computer systems, IoT, smart phones, web servers, etc., connected to the routers can be secured. Our solutions will bring people courage to face the uncertainty of the future.


Coffee marketplace

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More about Crema.co

Life's too short for bad coffee. That’s why Crema.co gives coffee drinkers access to rare coffees from small-batch roasters. By recommending coffees personalized to your taste profile, telling the farmer’s story behind each coffee, and curating the best specialty roasters, Crema.co aspires to support coffee drinkers, roasters, and farmers in their endeavour to live well.

* Currently offering over 50 coffees from 15 roasters
* $5bn U.S. market, with 250% growth among the millennial generation.
* Team brings together a decade of experience in both coffee and tech.


One Stop Event Management Solution

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More about EventXtra

EventXtra on a mission to helps event organizer and manager to cut cost and time through replacing labor-intensive task by mobile technology and make it extremely accessible everywhere. We provide checkin system, participant management, event engagement, instant polling, instant feedback and post event networking with accessible prices and easy-to-use functionality for all phone users. The reason behind our vision is the frustration of boring events and low efficiency during events and post event for both event organizers and participants. Our vision is to see a world where event management, interactions, feedback and networking are done efficiently and without any more physical limitations.

Fingertips Lab

Turns apps, articles and inboxes into highly interactive audio playlists

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More about Fingertips Lab

Every moment, 660,000 US drivers look away from the road to use their smartphones. Over 2 billion smartphone users worldwide endanger their lives everyday in the attempt to multitask while commuting.

O6 is the first product to solve this problem with eyes-free browsing. O6 has several integrative pilot projects underway, working with automotive companies to equip the next generation of vehicles with their proprietary technology. The O6 consumer launch raised over $160k in pre-orders in just one month.



Social Media Engagement & Analytics Platform for Businesses

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More about FLYE

FLYE is the real-time, social monitoring and engagement platform for venues.

- Surface all social posts from your venue in real-time to discover the content that matters, when it matters most.
- Engage with customers on a personal level to enhance their experience and turn them into your best marketers.

Many social listening tools on the market today simply monitor a brand’s activity on the web through hashtags, mentions, and key words. While the keyword based tools do a good job providing insight into how a brand is performing at a global level, they fail miserably when it comes to understanding geo-specificity of social conversations related to the brand.

Flye allows a brand to go beyond the hashtag to instantly discover, engage, connect, and even retarget actual customers posting to social networks from their properties. For a brand or venue, this brings tremendous value in terms of increasing product sales, ticket sales, bookings, sponsorships and community management.


Health Analytics + Custom Meal Delivery = Optimization of Health

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More about tryFuel.com

Fuel is a human performance platform. Our first product, intelligent, connected meals, transform your food into a tool to enhance your health.

Fuel meals are the only meals that are
1. Specifically engineered for performance based on your body metrics, fitness and health data
2. Are of Michelin quality & ultra convenient (ready in under 3 minutes) and,
3. Self logging, meaning your nutrition consumption is accurately tracked and logged automatically to give you analytics on your nutrition

Fuel Meals + Advanced Health Analytics = Deep Understanding and Optimization of health

Gas Pos

Payments for Petroleum industry. 700 billion dollar market.

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More about Gas Pos

B2B payments platform for retial petroleum merchants that decrease interchange cost and increase card secuity


An Artificial Intelligence that can recognise people’s interactions in real-time.

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More about Gestoos

Gestoos™ is an AI for cameras that can see and understand people’s movement and behaviour in any environment and context. It’s the new way machines communicate with people.

Gestoos SDK features:
Gestural interaction, hand tracking & user segmentation
Shape/ object recognition
Multi-camera calibration
Real-time machine learning for custom 3D shapes and gestures recognition
Communication: TCP/UDP, OSC, web sockets
Multiple sensors supported (Kinect, Asus Xtion, Orbbec, Structure, Intel Real Sense)
C++, Javascript API & documentation
Support for Processing, Openframeworks, Cinder
Available for Windows, MacOSX, Linux
OpenNI compatible

We are currently working on:
Recognition of behavioural patterns within context
Audience analytics based on the collection of anonymous behavioural data at scale, respecting privacy


GymHit is a workflow automation platform for fitness businesses.

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More about GymHit

GymHit seamlessly automates everything from booking to billing for a fitness business. GymHit works as a standalone solution as well as integrating with other enterprise billing systems to provide a more modern front end consumer interface for their clients.

-B2B2C -$89B annual industry -Avg 1-2% per transaction -0% churn -$150k ARR -25k active users -$650k pre-seed capital raised

We are creating a fitness ecosystem to not only help Health Clubs, Studios and Trainers to automate workflow, but to connect them to our vendor and member network. We truly are the fitness world connected.


Blockchain-powered banking for unbanked industries and economies

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More about Gluwa

GFS lets you automate your banking process customized to your needs via REST API.


Forget About Home Maintenance

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More about Homigo

Forget about home maintenance.

Homigo handles all aspects of home maintenance and repairs. We tackle seasonal maintenance with quoted, proactive recommendations, and offer a concierge service for all on-demand requests.

How? We complete a home inspection and use proprietary software to generate customized maintenance plans and help our pros better service homeowners. We use our buying power to bring commercial grade service providers to homeowners.

Homigo provides the best possible home service experience so that you can forget about home maintenance.


Performance Tracking Sensors That Help Athletes & Fitness Enthusiasts Train Better

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More about Hykso

Hykso’s wearable sensors provide valuable performance data for elite, professional athletes and also for the 40M+ people worldwide who participate in combat sports like boxing & kickboxing for fitness. The sensors calculate every strike that is thrown, measure its velocity, identify its type, and feed all of this and more back to Hykso's mobile app in real-time.

Hykso markets its sensors direct to consumer through its website and has also developed a gym solution that it offers to health clubs in exchange for a monthly recurring fee. This gym solution allows clubs to run metrics-based striking classes where all of the performance stats of each participant are broadcast in real-time on live displays in the gym (similar to the Orange Theory concept but for actual physical performance rather than just heart rate).

Hykso's sensors track every movement 1000 times per second and leverage 2 accelerometers in parallel, 1 gyroscope, a Bluetooth 4.2 radio transceiver, and a micro-controller.


iControl replaces paper with a mobile app at construction sites

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More about iControl

iControl allows construction professionals to keep everyone on the same page, finish projects faster and reclaim work hours.


Building Trust Through Technology

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More about Idwall

Document Validation - Verify if document is valid
Identity Checker - Verify if the user inputting the data is actually the owner of the identity
Background Check - Seek for criminal records, debt colletion claims, lawsuits, credit scores and others.

Helps your company ensures KYC and AML compliance.


Digitizing the real world.

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More about InnerSpace

Indoor location is an untapped $250 billion market. Like GPS does outdoors, our instant mapping and location platform transforms the human experience indoors and captures the data on how people interact indoors. Currently our customers use our platform to increase revenue in commercial real estate, reduce equipment costs in hospitals, and drive more sales for retailers but this is only the beginning. We’re driving a fundamental shift in the way that people experience, understand, and create their indoor spaces.

Find out more: www.innerspace.io

KiLife Tech

Wearable Safety for your Child - Controlled from your Smartphone.

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More about KiLife Tech

Never lose track of a child again. Every parent knows the fear of losing a child, Our Proximity Smartband, Kiband Discover, keeps families close by allowing parents to create custom boundaries that are mobile and work indoors and out.

Kiband Discover does more than just boundaries though, it features activity tracking and is fully waterproof to 1 meter so you can truly use it everywhere. With multiple wearable options, 85dB alarm, replaceable battery, remote shutoff, and our proprietary software (that is 12 times more accurate than similar devices and protected by 3 patents pending) Kiband is set to lead the child wearable revolution.

Kiband Discover will be available in Big Box Retail Spring 2017.


Software to Track and Analyze your Competitors in Real-Time

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More about Kompyte

Kompyte is a competitor tracking software that alerts you in real time when your competitors make changes to their websites, products and digital marketing campaigns.

Today, competitor tracking is done manually. Our software helps marketers identify not only what their competitors are doing, but also identifies what’s working for them. Our clients then leverage these insights to improve their own product and marketing strategy.


Make Money. Save Money. The Legal Marketplace

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More about LawTova

LawTova is the legal industry’s leading freelance marketplace enabling law firms and businesses to find and hire the best legal professionals available. This is over a 21 billion dollar industry. Through our nationwide LawTova network, we connect firms with thousands of legal industry professionals.
By using LawTova, Law firms save time and money. By hiring a freelancer, firms increase their ability to expand workload as well as their geographic reach. With our platform, legal employers can quickly find, hire, collaborate with, and pay curated legal professional freelancers from across the country.

For the freelance worker, LawTova provides access to a hidden market of legal industry-specific jobs that are personally, professionally, and financially rewarding.

LawTova focuses on some of today’s most utilized legal services jobs including:

● Paralegals
● Legal Assistants
● Receptionists
● Process Servers
● Court Runners
● Translators
● Private Investigators
...and more


Real Estate Investment Analytics

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More about Mashvisor

Mashvisor lets average people become savvy individual investors to make profitable real estate investments and rental strategy decisions through an online platform that instantly aggregates real estate data. The platform delivers neighborhood data and analytics such as Cash Flow, Cash on Cash Return, Cap Rate, GRM, Vacancy Rates and rental market strength indicators to identify secure investment market potentials for traditional and short-term lodging (Airbnb) properties. 


Emoji/Sticker Marketplace

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More about MojiLaLa

Emoji/Sticker Marketplace


The B2C CRM platform for brands and retailers to target individuals at a massive scale.

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More about MyFavorito

MyFavorito is the world’s leading B2C CRM platform. We enable brands, retailers and store owners to unlock their #1 growth driver: Highly active, personal relationships with their millions of unknown and previously unreachable customers.

MyFavorito provides a cloud-based, mobile-first CRM-tech platform: Irresistible engagement tools, 360-degree-view customer databases and an AI-driven, fully automated sales engine to send the right message directly to the right customer’s smartphone at the right time. Everything to increase engagement, loyalty, referrals, store visits online and offline and sales driven by MyFavorito.

In just one year, initial customers (such as McDonald’s and Diageo) built 20X more customer relationships on MyFavorito than on typical ad-tech / social media platforms, resulting in more than 20.000 additional visits per store and $125,000 additional revenue in selected pilot stores.


Community living spaces

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More about OpenDoor

OpenDoor creates coliving houses: modern, collaborative living spaces targeted at urban creatives and millennials. Our homes are curated social environments that facilitate sharing, connections, and meaningful relationships.

Where most landlords and property managers rent space, we provide a platform for a life well lived. We are a culture play with a real estate business model.

We've worked as deal sponsor, asset manager, property manager and sometimes all three depending on deal structure.

We are currently negotiating with developers on multiple new construction projects in the 20,000+ sqft range.

OWLR Technologies

Software making home cameras smarter, simpler and more secure.

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More about OWLR Technologies

Making All Home Cameras Smarter, Simpler and more Secure

OWLR is focused on providing our users their time and attention back - giving them to have a sense of security, comfort and control through a trusted service offering/brand.

Enabling users to have whatever off-the-shelf hardware they wish - OWLR makes home cameras safer, more secure and trouble-free. From our easy-to-use apps, to our secure video storage service, to our intelligent video analytics, to our on-demand professional security monitoring service - OWLR is ready to handle any/all of your awareness needs.

Park Evergreen

Full stack parking management solution that can manage an airport’s parking facilities

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More about Park Evergreen

With our SaaS platform, property owners and operators can manage their entire parking facilities, provide their customers a first class parking experience, manage traffic flow in and out of large facilities, and track live data from every single space. Zero integration cost and a low monthly fee means that we can save owner/operators money while modernizing their properties with an easy-to-use technology solution.


Pet Electronic Health Records

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More about Pawprint

Pawprint is a pet health company that digitizes medical records for pets. Our mission is to improve quality of pet care and give pet parents easier access to services. Our mobile app is the #1 pet health app and helps owners stay on track of their pets health (vaccines, annuals etc.). The app provides access to key information so pet parents can quickly and easily share with important caretakers (friends, groomers, daycares etc.).

Pluto AI

AI powered analytics platform for smart water management

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More about Pluto AI

Pluto is an AI powered analytics platform for water.


Email & Website Tracking for Sales People

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More about RocketBolt

On average, only 6% of recipients respond to outbound prospecting emails. However, an additional 13% of recipients visit the website of the company emailing them to learn more. These people are often signaling their interest in purchasing and, when properly identified, have a high probability of being converted into customers.

RocketBolt's email & website tracking helps sales teams recognize these opportunities and expertly time their followups in order to efficiently capture lost revenue from valuable lead lists.


Getty Images of User Generated Content

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More about Scopio

User generated photos & videos are more engaging than stock images, but finding and legally using this content is difficult for companies to do.

User Generated Content increases audience engagement, clickthrough rates, and retention rates, over stock photos.

Scopio's SaaS platform offers companies a simple way to search, license, and publish original image and videos, that are more effective than traditional stock photos.


ShearShare connects salon owners to independent stylists to fill empty salon chairs.

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More about ShearShare

Forty percent of salon space goes unused every day. ShearShare connects salon owners to 600,000 independent stylists to fill empty salon chairs, capturing the $1 billion in annual opportunity revenue. The ShearShare platform is replacing cold calling and Craig’s List as the industry standard for helping stylists find professional space to work when and where they need it.

Quick stats:
- Available listings in 275 cities and 11 countries
- Profitable unit economics
- 80% repeat bookings within 45 days

Founders are former salon owners with 25 years of experience in the beauty industry and 20 years in technology marketing. Also a Doctorate of Professional Barbering.


Waze for sickness.

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More about Sickweather

See what's going around with Sickweather, the Doppler radar for sickness. Our patent-pending process distills posts from social media to generate real-time weather maps and long term forecasts of illnesses. With our mobile app, users can be alerted in real-time when they have entered a sick zone, an area where others have recently reported being sick. Sickweather users also report directly to us, like a Waze for sickness.

The consumer app is available as a free download:
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sickweather/id741036885?mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sickweather.sickweather

Our enterprise and data products include Sickweather Pro and the Sickweather API, which are currently licensed by Fortune 500 companies.


Live Chat Software

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More about Tagove

Tagove is a unique live chat platform for businesses to boost the sales with Live Video chat, video conference, Voice call and Text Chat Software integrate Co-browsing and Screen sharing with your website. Situations when a customer faces issue with placing an order or using CRM software then your customer would simply do the Live video chat with screen sharing feature with the customer care to show the error he or she is facing, and the same can be done by the customer care to demonstrate the solution.

In order to judge the performance of the customer care agent, Tagove offers Live call recording feature get live feedback. You can ask your customer to leave a feedback after session, and many companies use this feature to train their agents on customer queries. Both customer and agents can also share any types of file with customer via chat window. This feature is fully peer to peer encrypted so that you can exchange sensitive documents online.


TalentBase is a payroll software for growing businesses across Africa

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More about TalentBase

90% of African SMEs rely on excel and manual processes to manage their payroll We created TalentBase, the Gusto for Africa, to target this $25 billion market by offering mobile and web-based payroll software to banked and unbanked companies.


Building the gift card market in Africa.

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More about SureBids

SureBids is a retail voucher aggregator and provider in Africa. It is the first coordinated effort to introduce retail vouchers in Nigeria, with the focus is on ease of redemption and simplicity. The company's SureGifts vouchers are used for (e)gifting, loyalty and corporate rewards, and also for international non-cash remittances via its SureRemit product, asset-financing via its SureCredit product, and charitable fundraising via its SureAid product.


Truly interactive web video

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More about Teleport

Teleport turns any video into a website, in which the user can navigate by scrolling and access contextual information within the image.

This gives two new degrees of freedom in video: freedom to navigate at one's own pace, and freedom to go more or less in-depth by engaging with contextual contents. By breaking the passivity and linearity of video, this improved interactivity leads to engagement rates 10x above those of regular video.

Teleport's CMS allows both the publication of the video and its augmentation through external contents to be handled by a non-technical person.

Teleport has been used to create virtual tours, on-line shops, educational videos, product presentations or web documentaries. In each of these cases, the free navigation allowed different users to rapidly find and engage with content relevant to their interests.


micro business insurance

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More about trym

Small business insurance today isn't broken, it doesn't even exist. Though they account for approximately 98% of all small firms with less <500 employees in the U.S. today, micro businesses (0-19 employees) are forced to go through the same ten-week-long underwriting process, fill out the same burdensome applications, and purchase between four and seven of the same over-complicated insurance policies designed for the 2% of medium and larger enterprises. Not to mention having to filter through less-than-best advice from underqualified agents due to the size of their premiums.

Trym is the first insurance experience designed exclusively for micro small businesses. Save the ten weeks, get all the insurance your business needs in less than 180 seconds. And trade in those over-sized stacks of policies for one simple insurance policy that fits in your pocket.

Insurance giants aren't built to serve small businesses like yours. We're different. We trym insurance to fit your-sized needs.


#1 LGBT-friendly Skincare Brand for Men

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More about UNICORN

UNICORN is a stylish lifestyle brand which provides high quality men’s skincare products with tasteful design.


1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA


February 15, 2017



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