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COSY enables mobile devices to have gps capabilities indoors, without any infrastructure.

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More about Cosy

Cognitive Operational Systems, LLC (COSY) uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to improve inventory management on the retail floor.


Mobile-first shop for women's shoes

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More about Stylect

Stylect is a mobile-first online shop fully dedicated to women’s shoes.
With 300,000+ items, 5,000+ brands, and hundreds of retailers, Stylect delivers the best quality shoes to 1 million+ shoe lovers around the world through an engaging Tinder-style interface.

Stylect partners up with retailers and brands and gets:
1) a commission for sales and traffic generated
2) a fee from brands/retailers for integration, exposure and data

Stylect was selected by Apple amongst the best apps of 2014 in Italy, Germany, Austria & Poland.
Stylect was also featured by Apple amongst the best new apps in 133 countries and by Google Play on its Home Page.
Stylect is available on iOS, Android and Web.
Traction to date include more than 1 million downloads and 700 million swipes (aka likes / dislikes).

Chefs for Seniors

Keep seniors in their homes by providing a weekly professional chef service.

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More about Chefs for Seniors

Chefs For Seniors is a platform connecting senior citizens with a licensed professional chef that prepares nutritious meals for the week in the home.


Where athletes buy and sell their gear. (500 Startups Batch 17)

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More about SidelineSwap

SidelineSwap is where athletes buy and sell their gear.

We're the vertical marketplace for the $60b sporting goods market, connecting athletes through social commerce. Each month, thousands of users sell hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of gear.

We're a product of 500 Startups, the Harvard Innovation Lab, a great group of investors, and a lot of hustle. Join us.


A collaboration platform for designers and developers

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More about Avocode

Avocode is a service that helps developers, designers and managers with building websites/apps from any designs.

Developers can easily get all the assets and dimensions without Photoshop or Sketch. The team can also visually compare changes and comment literally on the top of the design.


Less recruiting. More conversation.

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More about Supergleu

Supergleu brings college students and employers together to discuss current events.


Mobile App Feedback At Scale

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More about LiveCanary

LiveCanary is the fastest and easiest way to get feedback on your mobile app and instantly benchmark against your competitive set. No SDK, no engineering, no need for an audience of your own - 5 minutes to better product insight.


Smart, programmable, friendship bracelets

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More about Jewelbots

Jewelbots are friendship bracelets for the iPhone era. Technology-enabled jewelry for tween and teen girls, they’re a means of communicating with friends by lighting up when a BFF is near or buzzing to send messages to a pal across the school.
In addition to offering girls a wearable-tech social tool made just for them, the open-source software exposes users to the possibilities of coding in a fun and fresh way. Using basic engineering logic, girls can program their Jewelbots to do just about anything they—and their besties-turned-collaborators—dream up, opening their minds to STEM during an age when many lose interest.

The vision of Sara Chipps, co-founder of the national non-profit Girl Develop It!, and fashion-tech entrepreneur Brooke Moreland, the Jewelbots brand fuses fashion, technology, and friendship. It’s a device that harnesses the creativity and exuberance of young women to teach them a critical new language that will serve them for years to come.


Track lots of processes in real-time

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More about Tallyfy

Tallyfy is a cloud app that allows anyone to track the status of many processes going on at the same time - within a real-time dashboard. Examples of repeatable processes include client onboarding, guided sales and compliance checks - which need to be done on time, consistently and without mistakes.

Business Process Management (BPM) is an established and decade-old software market worth $10 billion which only targets enterprise. We're consumerizing BPM for any size of business - enabling users to build a process in 5 minutes and track it in 5 seconds.

Since launch in early 2016 - we've done $600k+ in revenue from blue-chip pilots - and growing MRR at 30% MoM.


ConceptDrop is the easiest way to create marketing material.

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More about ConceptDrop

ConceptDrop provides the easiest way to design marketing material—matching businesses with top freelancers in a few clicks.

Real Estate Marketing SaaS

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More about


87% of real estate agents fail because they suck at creating an online presence, they’re clueless on how to stand out from the thousands of competitors in their own city, and they can’t turn to door knocking and cold calling because it just doesn’t work in 2016.


We build realtors an interactive and content-rich website for their neighborhood that automatically updates every day with local events, news and deals. These websites offer value to homeowners and business owners, therefore, it becomes easy to get their attention and build relationships that turn into clients.

Parkbench Facts:
- average annual subscription: $4200/year
- cash strong: payment is made upfront
- short sales cycle: one 45 minute presentation.
- ARR is over $1M for 2016
- MRR growing at 20% MoM.
- Bootstrapped, cash flow positive, profitable
- We already have requests to expand to Australia, the UK, and South America.
- Our technology and marketing system works all around the world.


Mobile Video Shopping

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More about Nice

Video sells. Nice is reinventing video shopping with a mobile app that lets you watch and buy directly from product videos, a phenomenon made hugely popular by haulers and unboxers on Youtube.

Content creators make up to 5x more on Nice by selling directly to their audience from anywhere in the world.


Next generation shopping app

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More about VILLOID

VILLOID is shopping for the next generation. On VILLOID, brands and users meet through interaction, discovery and creation. Our users spend as much time on VILLOID as they do on Instagram.

- Users spend on average 20 minutes per day in the app
- Featured as Best New App by Apple
- Users across 200 countries, with UK, US and China in the top
- 650 brands
- Founders have 3 previous exits and background from McKinsey / Rocket Internet / Gaming / Fashion
- Creative Director and Co-Founder Alexa Chung is globally one of the most influential people in fashion, and has 5mn social media followers

ELLE: "We're hooked already"
HARPER'S BAZAAR: "A mix of Pinterest and Instagram"
VOGUE: "Apps you need to win fashion week"
GRAZIA: "This’ll probably be bigger than Facebook"

@vcarbonell: "#villoid is the best app I've downloaded"
@harrihearths: "I'm already obsessed, see ya Instagram"
@keziatirayoh: "There's absolutely no turning back once you're on villoid. Can't stop. Won't stop."

MORI +, with a gifting angle

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More about MORI

MORI is the ultimate in refined, well-designed and functional baby clothes. Where poorly-made, mediocre garments once prevailed, MORI has rewritten the rulebook, putting high quality baby essentials firmly at the top of the agenda.

The bulk of MORI’s range is crafted from softest bamboo-cotton fabrics. Naturally thermo-regulating, bamboo is ideal for a newborn’s precious skin, especially in the early months before they’re old enough to regulate their own body temperature. Recent additions to the family include beautifully made blankets and booties crafted from 100% pure Mongolian cashmere.

As well as gifts and one-off purchases, MORI also offer a unique parcel service. Subscribe and receive beautiful baby essentials through the letterbox at regular intervals, curated to keep pace with baby’s growth and the changing seasons. Sit back and relax in the knowledge that your baby’s wardrobe basics will be covered.

Available to order at - mobile app coming soon.


A SaaS Platform for Media companies to create, distribute and monetize Vertical Videos.

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More about Blurbiz

A Cloud Based Platform to Create, Distribute and Monetize Vertical Videos.


Mission-critical wireless messaging for industrial IoT devices

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More about Wivity

Wivity is a SaaS plus hardware company that offers wireless messaging to industrial IoT devices with mission-critical connectivity needs- a $50B/year market.

Everyone who's dropped a call knows there are coverage holes in every wireless network. These coverage holes wreak havoc on devices such as utility meters that depend on connectivity to work. In fact companies regularly spend months deciding what form of connectivity (WiFi, Zigbee, 3G, LTE, LoRa, and even satellite) to support in their devices to deal with the unpredictability of available networks at the customer site. Wivity's SaaS-firmware platform allows wireless components to be swapped out of the device as easily as an AA battery. This allows an installer to insert the right modem depending on the available networks at the device's specific location. In other words, connectivity problems are a thing of the past and companies can "Build One, Connect Anywhere."


AI-Powered Chatbot for Chinese Travelers

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More about TravelFlan

TravelFlan is an AI-powered chatbot aimed at tackling the $200B outbound traveler's market in Chinese speaking countries. Much like a travel agent, our product saves time, reduces stress, and save 90% of the cost by guiding trip planning and resolving issues that arise during travel through our technology.

- Private service experience via messengers and instant initial response for the service
- Personalized recommendation and insight sharing
- Analyze traveler’s interest, history and demographic for relevant offers
- Assist booking, reservation and arrangement for hotel, airline, activity, and ground transportation

Key Milestones:
- Invested by 500 Startups
- Awarded for Startup of the year (HKUST)
- Member of Cyberport and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park
- 2nd Place for 2016 G-Startup Competition Tokyo
- Finalist for Rise Alpha


Cross-border billing, invoicing, and payments processing for enterprises..

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More about Qwikwire

Collecting payments is a pain in the ass anywhere, but it's 10X worse if your clients live overseas. Qwikwire is a cross-border payment service that will eliminate that pain. We go beyond basic remittance (like Western Union or bank wire) and provide recurring billing, invoicing, customer dashboards, and direct client website payments via API. More importantly, we give our clients access to US and international banks that will allow them to use facilities like ACH-electronic checks, credit/debit cards, and international SWIFT. We have decreased our clients' default and delinquency rates by more than 50% We work with property developers, insurance companies, private for-profit schools, utilities providers and enterprises that collect payments from overseas.


The Startup Rating System

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More about Oddup

ODDUP is the Startup Rating System.
ODDUP is a data driven research platform that provides analysis and ratings on startups. With views on the potential success of a startup, we are leading the way by offering transparency and insight, helping you to make more informed investment decisions. We have a unique proposition that fills the gap of private company analysis with a Buy, Hold, Sell view of startups.

We have an analyst team including former research analysts from Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, BNP Paribas, Morgan Stanley as well as a large angel investor board of advisors who have invested in some of the most successful companies in the world.

We are based in Hong Kong, have presence in Beijing, Singapore, Shenzhen and Taipei. We launch in Australia at the end of this year and in the UK in 2017.

T&J Designs

The clothing and accessories brand that is designed to be social.

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More about T&J Designs

T&J Designs clothing and accessories with focus on how prints and colors will look when photographed and shared on the variety of digital outlets. Appealing to both influencers and aspirationals the brand optimizes social sharing to garner sales. T&J Designs is the brand to wear and share.

Founded by a team of sisters who are business women, style bloggers and digital influencers themselves (150K instagram followers); they have tapped into the millennial market with their impactful designs that influence social sharing.


Cybersecurity for the digital health revolution, making data access simple and secure

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More about BurstIQ

At BurstIQ, we make continuous and secure access to health data simple because it's not just data, it's personal. Our platform securely connects people to health data for care, for health, for life…every day and all the time.

The company’s secure blockchain-based intelligent data grid connects to any data stream with sleek dynamic data APIs and provides the capability for providers to quickly share information and implement digital health innovations.


Making recruiting smarter

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More about Resource

Resource makes recruiting teams smarter by helping them automate, measure and improve their daily workflow.

Department of Better Technology

The dedicated platform for digital-first government workflows

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Screendoor ( is the dedicated platform for digital-first government workflows. Screendoor replaces PDFs with mobile-friendly online forms, brings collaboration into a beautiful and intuitive web application, and automates digital processes. Our customers love how Screendoor helps them make better decisions, faster.


OpenTable for beauty salons, beauty clinics & SPA

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More about BeautyDate

Beauty Date is a platform for booking beauty services online. It connects customers to salons, allowing them to book appointments in few seconds from their smartphones. The system also brings to the beauty salon basic management features such as customer base and reports, which is useful for salons of every size. The site is designed to make it easy for consumers to find and schedule an appointment without making phone calls or waiting for answers, just as OpenTable makes it possible to discover and reserve tables at restaurants. Users can filter search results by location, price and those who are running promotions. They can even find last minute deals available for an appointment in the next few hours and pay online. The system also offers an easy way to establish financial control, making bills and commissions be automatically processed and made available in reports. That in turn makes it easy to analyze the health of the company in a few minutes.


The easiest way to add a home to your backyard

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More about Montainer

Cities need more homes | Backyards = Vacant lots

Montainer provides the easiest way for a homeowner to add a home to their backyard for extra space or to generate rental income (Airbnb).

City planners are expanding the use of ADUs "additional dwelling units" (backyard homes) as an efficient way to add housing supply. 500,000 backyards in the bay area alone are zoned to allow a backyard home- by right.

The Montainer Process allows customers to order their home delivered and installed on their property with a simple online purchase, taking away all the hassle of architects, permitting, contractors, and cost overruns notorious in conventional construction.


Next gen media for black millennials

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More about Blavity

Blavity is a media company and platform for black millennials. Blavity's platform lets you create content, share your ideas and connect with other millennials who are pushing culture forward.

Launched in 2014, Blavity now reaches 1.2 M readers per month (100% organic) and an incredibly engaged audience with 100,000 daily email subscribers.

Its big vision is to build consumer focused content and mobile-first services for black millennials around the world.

80% of our content is user generated through the platform and distributed in our newsletter and social channels.

As the number one digital media company for black millennials & a scalable revenue stream through brand partnerships, Blavity is best positioned to build the defining black culture brand for millennials around the world.


Weekly car refuels

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More about FuelPanda

FuelPanda is a weekly subscription service that refuels your car at your work/home parking so that you never have to waste your time going to the gas station again!

We are a bootstrapped team and part of current 500 startups batch and growing super fast.


Thousands of young entrepreneurs buy and sell smarter with Slang.

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More about Slang

Slang is a community marketplace for Generation Z (the 80M Americans under age 21). We empower the 13-24 year-old urban demographic to securely buy and sell from their mobile device.

So what does Gen Z sell? Limited-edition sneakers. A $1.5B market in the US alone ($6B globally), we launched sneakers as our first category one year ago and have since grown rapidly.

But sneakers are just the beginning for Slang and Gen Z: we’re unlocking the entrepreneurial potential in the largest generation in history.


Green funeral products saving the environment & money

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More about Coeio

Coeio is the maker of the Infinity Burial Suit for Humans and Pets. Based off co-founder Jae Rhim Lee's TED talk, our products allow for a completely green funeral by leaving zero footprint. You don't need an expensive casket, toxic embalming, or pollute the atmosphere with cremation.

Our patent-pending technology accelerates decomposition, remediates toxins, and speeds nutrient development to plants. In addition, our products are being designed by world-famous fashion designers to create funerals as beautiful as they are sustainable.

In addition, green burial practices can save the customer thousands of dollars against rising funeral costs, while also answering the rising demand for environmentally-minded products.

More about Efflux Systems

The Efflux Security Operations Platform automates cybersecurity investigations, defining the scope and progression of an intrusion as it relates to business risk. When integrated with market-leading detection solutions, the result is rapid, complete remediation of advanced threats.


Turning workplaces into great places.

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More about arcade

Workplace Arcade is used by retailers to measure, increase and retain employee engagement.

With improved workforce engagement, retailers benefit from increased sales, better customer service and lower staff turnover.

Powered by an intelligent gamification engine designed world leaders in employee engagement, WA is used by retailers such as Samsung, Costco, Vodafone and UnderArmour to name a few!


Baby2body helps nearly and new mothers to be happy and healthy.

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More about Baby2Body

Baby2Body helps nearly and new moms to be happy and healthy and have healthier babies, by delivering daily actionable insights and advice on fitness, nutrition, wellbeing and beauty.

We give moms what they need, when they need it and all advice is personalised and tailored to the day of pregnancy or motherhood.
The one place to get everything to do with being a healthy and happy mom.


Guided SaaS for construction and mining based on drone-data

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More about TraceAir

We use UAVs to collect accurate almost real-time data about your construction site and make it actionable with our guiding web-platform.


Pair lets users view virtual products in their home or office like they already exist

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More about Pair

Pair gives consumers a new way to try home and office products before they buy, using only an iPad or iPhone in their home or office. We use the most advanced computer vision and augmented reality technology to map your space and add new products in real time immersive 3D. Pair is the only platform that allows users to walk around and interact with products at true scale in real time without having to leave the home or office.

Home and office product manufacturers, use pair as the easiest to integrate and simplest augmented reality platform, giving users the best way to determine design requirements for their spaces.

Hamptons Lane

The Birchbox of specialty kitchen tools & artisan ingredients

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More about Hamptons Lane

Hamptons Lane is a unique online club for serious home chefs to discover new ways to cook and try new flavors by using specialty kitchen tools and artisan ingredients (shelf stable; full size). One can use and re-use our products. Each month, our curators scour the globe for quality specialty tools and ingredients to carefully create a unique themed box (e.g. Spanish Tapas, Modern Moroccan, Taco Party, Taste of Thailand, Tarts & Pies, etc). Boxes include 4 to 7 items along with expert recipes, artisan stories, and how to guides to throw the perfect culinary experience for friends and family. Our monthly boxes is our call to foodies in helping them to discover new tastes, flavors, and techniques and add to their kitchen tool set.

The online shop allows for easy reordering of products, as well as the ordering of related kitchen and dining merchandise.


Visiblee helps B2B websites to become 300% more effective.

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More about Visiblee

Website conversion rates suck!
Less than 3% of visitors fill out forms and become leads.
Visiblee identifies the unknown visitors and converts them into clients.

Unlike other lead gen solutions, we combine machine learning algorithms to identify anonymous visitors in real time and Big Data to enrich these leads.
Our clients spend a huge amount of money to create traffic on their website and with our unique technology, they triple the number of qualified leads coming from the website in less than a month.
Our product is a MUST HAVE for every B2B marketer...

Financial Metrics:
- $40K MRR in 9 months
- 46% MoM growth rate
- 3% Churn rate

- 4 founders with more than 20 years of experience in the SaaS industry.
- 4 PhD Data scientist in the team
- 4 startups built and 2 sold


Digital Signage Analytics

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More about LINKETT

Analytics Platform for Digital Out-of-Home Advertising.


We're simplifying the way people and objects get access to cellular connectivity.

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More about Simless

Many consumers around the world need to carry multiple SIM cards for various personal and professional reasons. This has led to the recent growth in demand for dual-SIM or even triple-SIM card phones, mainly in emerging markets. However, there is a clear friction in accessing and switching local networks faced by consumers either as travelers in international roaming situations or residents in areas with multiple mobile networks.

Simless has developed various patent-pending technologies that enable end-users to seamlessly select and switch cellular networks without physically changing SIM cards. This empowers these users with the ability to dynamically access cellular networks to extract the best value in terms of price, data speed and network quality.


Fighting injuries in the workplace.

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More about Worklete

Our motto is "Work like an athlete".

Musculoskeletal injuries are a huge problem costing $213B and causing 149M lost work days per year, in the US alone. Yet there is little being done to prevent the root cause of this problem in the workplace.

Worklete uses software to bring the best human movement and mechanics principles from physical therapy, sports medicine, and athletics to enterprises.

Our platform drives education, reinforcement and engagement across companies. Clients realize 50%+ decreases in injury claims, while hard working folks in physically demanding jobs stay healthy, so they can enjoy their lives outside of work.


Helping millennials buy LESS clothing. #beatfastfashion

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More about Cladwell

Cladwell is a styling app that helps millennials buy LESS clothing.

In 2015, millennials broke a 100 year consumer trend by buying 10% fewer (but better) clothes. This trend is just getting started and we are the FIRST to monetize it.

For $5/mo our software pairs down your closet and gives you daily outfit recommendations from what you already own - not by selling you more clothes.

- $750K ARR
- Profitable Unit Economics
- 36% MoM GROOOOOOOOWTH... for 9 months

Founding team has previously built startups in fashion and retail.

The Pill Club

Free and Simple Birth Control Delivery

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More about The Pill Club delivers your birth control prescription right to your mailbox for free. Signup takes less than a minute.

The wait is over! Join the club of women who never worry about their birth control.

Other perks:
1. We can sometimes send you 3-month supplies in each delivery. This is really handy, especially if you're a busy working professional or frequent traveler.
2. Membership is free. Our team's mission is to decrease abortion rates by increasing accessibility to birth control.
3. We care. Our pharmacy staff is standing by to answer any questions you have regarding your medicine.
4. It's completely discreet. Every package we send is unmarked and tamper-proof.
5. Your birth control pills should always be free with insurance by federal law. ($0 copay)
6. The Pill Club is a licensed pharmacy in the state of CA, specializing in birth control pills and rings.


Creative computing platform for kids

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More about Tynker

In a world where technology touches every aspect of our lives, it is crucial that our children become active creators of technology, not just passive users. We believe that the ability to code allows children to make their ideas a reality. Tynker's mission is to provide every child with solid foundations in Computer Science, programming, and critical thinking skills to prepare them to become better architects of their future world.

Since 2012, Tynker has been constantly innovating new ways to make coding easy and accessible for kids. Already used by over 33 million kids and in over 50,000 schools, the award-winning Tynker platform is the best system for coding and game-based learning to help kids become makers. Tynker’s intuitive visual programming language enables kids to build web and mobile apps, design RPG and platformer games, control robots, program drones, and even modify Minecraft worlds.

Boomerang (Baydin)

Email management that actually works. Makers of Boomerang.

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More about Boomerang (Baydin)

Baydin makes Boomerang, a plugin for Gmail, Google Apps, and Microsoft Outlook that lets you schedule sending emails, track responses, and remove incoming messages from your inbox, having them return when you need them. It's available now, has been downloaded over 3 million times, and has moved Baydin well into profitability.

We also make the best email client on Android, also named Boomerang, and also supporting Gmail, Google Apps, and Microsoft Exchange.

Boomerang Calendar (, a smart calendar assistant that lets you schedule meetings in a single email, and Inbox Pause (, a pause button for your email, round out our offerings.


Personalized, micro-targeted video advertising

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More about Sightly

Sightly’s award-winning enterprise software is the first to combine user profile data (vs. cookie data) with dynamic video content personalization to help advertisers create & deliver far more relevant video ads that perform 3x+ better on YouTube, Facebook, & other profile-driven ad networks.

Our software reaches the right audience at the right moment using our proprietary profile-based audience match targeting. It then delivers the right message by automatically inserting personalized content to significantly increase view & response rates. And our patent-pending machine-learning optimization engine is the first to use multi-dimensional variables for both audience targeting and video ad content to deliver the proven highest performance across every network & device.

Our software is designed to help advertisers & agencies run campaigns for thousands of locations while gaining transparency & actionable insights from their media budgets dedicated to Google, Facebook, et al.


Online school for new economy skills

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More about Springboard

Springboard is an online school for 21st century skills like Data Science and UX Design. Our programs combine online coursework with 1-on-1 mentorship from industry experts.

We're bridging the skills gap and preparing young professionals for the digital economy, through affordable, high-quality education. Our vision is to create a viable alternative to university education.


The Shipping Department for eCommerce

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More about Whiplash

Whiplash holds an online store's inventory in our warehouses, and when the store makes a sale, Whiplash packs the order and ship it out. Whiplash is the simplest, most customer-focused fulfillment provider.

We're building the largest fulfillment service in the world by collecting disparate providers into a unified offering. And not just a brittle veneer: Whiplash software will be the foundation for an entire global network.

We currently operate two facilities, in Ann Arbor, MI and South San Francisco, CA. These are our demo facilities to get our product right and serve early clients. This is where we've proven to ourselves that Whiplash reduces email, anxiety, and shipping errors.

We've just opened our third facility, in London, UK, by licensing our software and systems to a partner. This represents the beginning of a new era, in which virtually anyone can become a node in the Whiplash network.


Modern kitchen appliances that connect people.

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More about Nomiku

The most funded Kickstarter project in the food category in 2012, raising over $586K in 30 days. Now we're back and our device is connected, smarter, smaller, and more affordable. This time around we raised 750K and sold over 5,000 Nomikus.

Top chefs around the world are cooking other-worldly delicious dishes with help from a secret weapon. It’s called an immersion circulator, which uses precise heat to create perfect dishes. These machines have typically been too complicated and expensive for home cooks. With Nomiku, we believe we can bring this essential tool into everyone's kitchen and it will completely change the way people cook forever.


Videogram is a powerful tool for consuming, sharing, and monetizing online video.

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More about videogram

Videogram is pictorial summary of video. The video is automatically analyzed and packed in a visually pleasing form reminiscent of a comic. Videogram allows for a quick overview of a video at a glance & replaces video thumbnails on publishers landing sites/apps. Consumers can stream from a visually interesting point rather than the whole video. Consumes can share, like, comment on frame/clip of the video. Much in the way that Soundcloud allows commenting for music.

Our customer is anyone who publishes video.  A brand promoter is interested in how viral and how much mindshare are achieved. A commerce related publisher wants to use the video for monetization. All publishers want discovery, because if the video is not watched then it might well as not have been published. We help in these areas of Discovery, Engagement, Viral, Metrics, and Monetization. Videogram vastly increases the value of video, often doubling the CTR & time engaged with video. 



The Next Generation of Retail Alcohol

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More about Saucey

Saucey is the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to order alcohol and have it delivered in 20-40 minutes.

By offering a better shopping experience paired with convenient service, we're fundamentally changing purchase behaviors in a market that does $105B annually in U.S. retail sales. With consumers rapidly shifting their buying behavior to Saucey, we're introducing never before seen data visibility to the industry around consumer drinking metrics.


Inventing Credit Scoring 2.0

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More about TrustingSocial

Trusting Social provides consumer credit score based on social, web and mobile data. Our solution enables lenders in emerging markets to lend to billions of “financially invisible” consumers who  are  not covered  by  credit  bureaus.  It  was  tested  and  proven  to  be more  accurate,  faster  and cheaper than existing solutions.

Make School

The college replacement for founders and developers

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More about Make School

Make School is building a university replacement for computer science.

The program spans 2 years, divided by a 6 month internship at a tech startup. Students learn the CS theory covered by traditional universities paired with the practical experience of building and shipping products and soft skills such as ethics, storytelling and interpersonal communication.

Students network with successful founders and developers throughout the program, and are placed at a tech startup upon graduating. The program has no up front cost, students pay tuition through internship and post-grad job earnings.

Our pilot class kicked off last September with 11 students, two chose Make School over MIT. They shipped apps like Stitch News and Refuge Restrooms (featured in Buzzfeed) and received offers from Snapchat, Pandora, Edmodo, Dailymotion, Dr. Chrono and more.

We also run a 2 month Summer Academy teaching iOS development and our online curriculum powers courses at MIT and Carnegie Mellon.


Accounting & Taxes–Done Right, Done for You

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More about inDinero

inDinero helps small businesses manage their finances with accounting and tax services. We're a one-stop-shop solution that takes care of all the back-office needs that a business can have. We're servicing businesses as small as two employees with no revenue all the way up to businesses with 200 employees and 8-figure revenues.

Customers love the simplicity of having their entire back office with one provider. We also offer simple and predictable monthly pricing, unlike the bookkeepers and accountants we're competing against. With a scalable service that will cover a business from infancy to 8-figure sales, we're the best solution in the market.


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